10 Ubon Ratchathani Must Visit Places

Whenever you travel somewhere for the first time or when you move to a new place someone will always tell you, “You have to go here.”, or “You must go there.” Whether its the taxi driver, a concierge, or a waitress in a restaurant.

You will read about such places in travel guide books and brochures. A travel agent will have a list of places that will make your visit the best ever. If you go to San Francisco it might be Fishermans Wharf. If you visit London you must experience Eye on London. If you travel to China the Forbidden City or the Great Wall are mandatory.

When you travel to Ubon Ratchathani it is  no exception. There are places you really must go see for yourself. I have compiled a list, which is in no way comprehensive, based on my experience, input from the locals and feedback from visitors.

  1. Ubon Ratchathani National Museum – Displays of artwork, crafts and historical items reflecting life and culture in this area. It is located at the south end of Tung Sri Muang park.
  2. Pha Taem National Park – This is located over yonder in Khong Jiam district. Make sure you take your walking shoes to hike down the edge of a cliff to view pre-historic drawings on the face. The route is at least 3 kilometers.
  3. Huai Luang Waterfall – One of the best waterfalls I have seen in Thailand.  You will find this spectacle in the southeast region of the province. It is well worth all the steps you have to ascend when you are leaving.
  4. 2 Color River – This is in Khong Jiam where the Mekong and Mun rivers meet. One is brown and one is green, or is it blue and green. I guess you will have to go see for yourself. You can also walk along the river, go watch the sunrise  or enjoy a nice lunch on one of the floating restaurants.
  5. Sam Pan Bok – It will give you the impression you have stepped onto the lunar surface or at least on to a sci-fi movie set. A most interesting creation of nature. Best time to go is January to June.
  6. Sedhapura by Tohsang – Go here and pamper yourself. You deserve it. A luxury pool villa on the banks of the Mekong in Khong Jiam.
  7. Tung Sri Muang – Here you can take in some history, exercise, relax or socialize. It is best to go in the evening to catch all the locals meeting up. Afterward you can walk a short distance to the night market and get some dinner from the wide variety of street vendor offerings.
  8. Wat Sa Prasan Suk – Just on the outskirts of Ubon city you can enjoy the peace and tranquility as well as some unique architecture. I have visited many times and make it a point to take guests there and never tire of visiting.
  9. Gaeng Saphue – East of Ubon city around 45 Kilometers. There is a park on Mun River.  It is a great place for an afternoon picnic. Vendors will be hawking food which you can order and then relax on a provided mat and enjoy your lunch. After the monsoon waters have receded cataracts are revealed and make for some fun either watching or playing.
  10. Had Kudua – A complex of restaurants on the  Mun River just out of town. The seating is provided on floating bamboo patios. It is enjoyable during the hot or cold season. It is not the food that makes this place special its the experience. Most of the  menus are basically the same in quality, quantity and price so the only decision to make is where do you prefer to enjoy the moment.

When you visit Ubon Ratchathani consider adding the suggestions above to your itinerary. If not all 10, at least pick a few that interest you the most and go have fun during your travels in Ubon.


  1. hendra saputra says:

    Our school sports from Indonesia, Thailand need information about school sports games? thank you

  2. I am sorry but I have no information about this event.

  3. Tony (Hash Name,Try-A-F--k) says:

    High Darwin is there a Hash run in April 2012 ,any idea of the date times and place ,thanks
    Tony (Try-A-F–k)

  4. Tony,
    Yes there is a Hash on Saturday April 7. The details have been posted at ThaiVisa in Isaan forum. You can either meet at Wrong Way at 4pm or at the start point near Had Ku Dua on the Mun River at 4:30pm. It says 2.6km after turning off the ring road.

  5. nur cholis says:

    HI.. I wanna visit Thailand this november and i will be in Ubon Ratchathani on 21-22 november 2012. Actualy i am interested to visit sam pan bok. I cam alone later. So, can you let me know how i can reach sam panbok? Any car+driver rent for one day trip? Thanks.

  6. Thanks for the comment and hope you make your trip to visit Ubon. Yes there are services available to rent a car with driver for a day trip. If you visit in November it is just the end of Monsoon season, so the water level will still be high. You will not be able to view the scenes that give the site it’s name. Contact me a few weeks before your arrival and I will forward info to you about car rental services.

  7. Nur Cholis says:

    Hi. I will be in phuket on 14 Nov, bangkok on 17 Nov and of course on ubon ratchathani on 21 Nov. Can u let me know car rent agency n how much cost to sampanbok include driver n fuel?

  8. Welcome to Ubon. A rental car with driver will be around 1500 TB per day. You can contact them at the airport when you arrive. There is a booth on the left hand side as you exit the baggage area. I have no idea how much fuel will be as I have never driven to Sam Pan Bok on my own. The car will have a full tank when you start and you are responsible to make sure it is full upon your return. It is still a bit early to experience the full beauty of Sam Pan Bok as the river level is still high.

  9. Leif Nilsson says:

    I am going to Ubon again 🙂 In april. I want to visit Huai Luang, but is april the right time for waterfalls in the region? Is the water low?

  10. Thanks for all the helpful info about Ubon Darwin. I am ,coming to Ubon for a few days in early January with an old friend after spending some time in Bangkok. we are thinking of renting a car with driver to take us to our 2 days of luxury at Tohsang Khongjiam and see some sights along the way.We enjoy spicy Isaan food, architecture and local culture. Can you recommend some places we should not miss along that route ?

  11. I am glad you found the site helpful. I hope you enjoy your visit to Ubon. Sounds like you will be stay at Tohsang Resort or Sedhapura. Both are nice peaceful stays. There are not too many tourist type attractions between Ubon City and Khong Jiam. Something I have always enjoyed is a picnic lunch on the banks of Mun River in Phibun Mangsahan about 40Km east of Ubon city on the way to Khong Jiam. Not far from Tohsang is a temple, Wat Tam Ku Ha Sawan, http://ubonblog.weloveubon.com/ubon-darwin-temple-bloom-quest/ , and further north, about an hours drive from your resort, is an interesting site on the Mekhong known as Sam Pan Bok (3003 holes) http://ubonblog.weloveubon.com/ubon-attraction-sam-pan-bok/ . It is pleasant to spend some time strolling around the town of Khong Jiam, get a feel for the community and life. Enjoy some of the food. http://ubonblog.weloveubon.com/ubon-ratchathani-khongjiam-mekong/

    On the way to Khong Jiam I would just tell the driver to driver slowly and watch out the windows. When you spot something interesting get the driver to stop and go explore. If you take a certain route there is a series of floating eateries on Mun River but it is difficult to find and the driver would have to know it.

    Sometimes while sitting on the deck at Tohsang you can feel like you are traveling even while sitting gazing at the river. This is what I would recommend.

  12. Kathy Erteman says:

    Thanks Darwin, we just arrived and will take your advice and report back !

  13. You’re welcome. Enjoy your trip. Looking forward to hearing about your experience.

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