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Ubon Ratchathani Candle Festival 2007 Preparations

Ubon Ratchathani Candle Festival 2007 is just a few days away. It is by far the biggest event of the year in Ubon. This is the high season for tourism and it’s hard to find a room or get transportation to here during this period. Many traditional activities connected to this festival have already begun […]

Sayan Tour From Ubon to Udon

Just back from a visa run to Vientiane by way of Udon Thani. I had to go to Vientiane this time because my options for Savanakhet and Chong Mek had been exhausted. I have been to Udon Thani many times before so I am familiar with the ways to get there. My preferred way is […]

Express VIP Visit to Rajavej Hospital Ubon Ratchathani

I needed to get a prescriptions refilled, so it was off to the hospital. Off to Rajavej Hospital in Ubon Ratchathani specifically. Why this hospital? Mainly because it is the hospital designated on my insurance coverage. Rajavej Hospital is a medium sized private hospital in Ubon Ratchathani. It is located on Chayangkul Rd, just past […]

A Traffic Event In Ubon Ratchathani

I was sitting at the bus stop in front of Lotus waiting for the Line 12 songtaew to come. A lady passed in front of me on a motorcycle pulling a cart going in the wrong direction against traffic. As it’s a normal occurrence here in Ubon Ratchathani, I thought nothing of it. Suddenly, I […]

Starbucks Coming To Ubon Ratchathani

Is it the end of an era in Ubon Ratchathani? Or maybe it’s the beginning of a new era. I am not sure but coming soon to an Ubon Ratchathani near you will be a Starbucks Coffee Shop. Are you ready? When I first starting coming to Thailand in 1994 there were very few places […]