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Ubon Ratchathani Tidbits April 27, 2009

This happen in Ubon from time to time but do not justify an entire post.  Right now this is a remedy to get the word out. I am working on a Twitter feed dedicated to Ubon and will use it for short news events or information. English language movie at local theaters – It is […]

Ubon Ratchathani Green Living

Earth Day passed without much hoopla here in Ubon.  Even so there are green living opportunities available to those who wish to practice this in their daily lifestyle. In many ways it’s much easier to sustain an earth friendly way of life living here in Ubon Ratchathani. But in other ways bad habits that western […]

New Ubon Attraction Sam Pan Bok

There are many tourist attractions around Ubon Ratchathani that do not get much promotion. But lately I have noticed many billboards with pictures of a place on the Mekong River. Maybe you have seen them too, if you live in Ubon. I got curious and asked around. I discovered it was a place over in […]

Ubon Ratchathani Immigration Good Service

Customs and Immigration Service for Ubon Ratchathani is located in a the small village district of Phiboon Mangsahan. It is located 40kms east of Ubon city on the way to Chong Mek or Khong Jiam. You can get there by bus or truck from Ubon main bus terminal or at WarinChamrap in front of the […]

Best posts on Life and Times in Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand from Mar 2009

The diversity and number of hotels, restaurants, attractions and adventure opportunities are so numberous, you might have missed some valuable information. Catch up on our most popular posts.: Ubon Ratchathani News March 19, 2009 Posted on Thursday, March 19th, 2009 in Ubon News – Comments: (3) It is Thursday March 19, 2009 here in Ubon […]