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Ubon Ratchathani Man vs Wild Continues

Sunday evening around 21:00 my wife and I were walking back from Ubon Ratchathani Rajabhat University Cultural Center from attending the International Cultural and Folk Art show that was held there. As we rounded a corner onto the soi on which we lived I heard a soft exclamation from my wife. I looked in the […]

International Cultural and Folk Art Festival in Ubon Ratchathani

Sunday morning last, I got word there is a special show being held at the Ubon Ratchathani Rajabhat University Cultural Center. It is an International Cultural and Folk Performance. The nations to be performing included Vietnam, China, Cambodia, Laos, Philippines, Malaysia, India and Thailand. This sounded like an extremely interesting event. It was the last […]

Ubon Ratchathani Man vs Wild

Nature’s Nuisance Silences Sound Nuisance My neighborhood in Ubon Ratchathani is normally fairly¬† quiet. I can hear the birds singing and the frogs croaking without any interference from human created noises. There are the occasional community activities that intrude on the peace and quiet but they are few and far between. There are a few […]

Why People Travel to Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand

Ubon Ratchathani is a mid-sized Thai city in the Northeastern or Isaan region of Thailand. It is the largest province in terms of land mass. The influx of travelers to Ubon is not always obvious but they are here, none the less. My first exposure to Ubon Ratchathani was back in 1999. I was sent […]

Ubon Ratchathani Weekend Dim Sum Lunch Buffet

Do you like¬† Dim Sum? If you do you will be happy to know that Morakut Restaurant at Ubon International Hotel is now featuring a Dim Sum lunch buffet on weekends. It started today and is available from 11:00 to 14:00 Saturday and Sunday. My wife saw a forum post on and it looked […]