A Night at Sunee Grand Hotel Ubon

If you travel to Ubon Ratchathani, it is nice to have current information about your destination. There have been several new accommodations built here in Ubon but Sunee Grand Hotel is the only new true hotel opened in Ubon, since I have been here.

The best way to write about something is to experience it for yourself. I have stayed in many hotels, of varied classes in numerous locations around this planet, but I have never stayed in a newly opened hotel. The limited operation opening of Sunee Grand Hotel presented an opportunity, so I decided to become a guest for a night.

Entrance Sunee Grand Hotel UbonYou can enter the hotel from two entrances. One entrance is facing the open area between the hotel and City Mall, and can be accessed on foot from Chayangkul Road. The other entrance is at Chayangkul Soi 16. There is still ongoing construction and finish work so you will find activity whichever entry you choose.

Check-in is quick and painless. It took less than 5 minutes. A bell hop took the key card and led us to the elevators or lifts, whichever you prefer, located to the left side of the front desk. There is a bank of 3 elevators. Inside there are mini video monitors inside each that provides you with something to look at during your short journey to your designated floor.

At the door to room 808 you just hold the key card in front of the sensor and the flashing green light lets you know you can enter now. There is also a door ajar alarm which alerts you if the room door isn’t completely closed. Beep, beep, beep. Our escort slid the key card into the slot to activate the power, introduced us to the room and disappeared out the door.

sunee grand hotel ubon king size bedThe hotel room is dominated by a king size bed. The mattress is firm and comfortable. You will not find a hotdog bun mattress the folds around you when you lay on it. Plenty of pillows to suit any style of sleeping you might use. In the far corner is a sofa you can use for relaxing, reading or sit comfortable while having a conversation. The other corner offers a desk with a hanging light to illuminate your reading, writing or computer work.

Sunee Grand Hotel Ubon Room viewThe solid row of windows gives you a panoramic view of the town. Things always look different as seen from above. A wide screen plasma TV is attached to the wall across from the foot of the bed. There is cable but no non-Thai entertainment channels are provided.

You will find a bit of convenience through a mini-bar, water heating device and some free drinking water. When you open the wardrobe you will find robes, house shoes and a room safe. Room 808 is a superior room so in the bathroom is a bath shower combo and a large mirrored sink area.

The room is decorated with relaxation in mind. No loud colors to distract your mind. The theme is local but the inspiration appears to be nature. If you just need a place to crash for the night after a long evening of partying the state of the room don’t really matter much, but if you want a relaxing atmosphere how the room is presented makes all the difference.

Restaurant Sunee Grand Hotel UbonWe waited until around 7pm to go down to dinner because that is when the entertainment is scheduled to begin. We crossed the bridge to the “Warin” side of “Mun River” where the restaurant is situated. There are several sections to choose from, but we sat next to the river with a good view of the piano. Only a few tables were occupied as it was still early for many locals to out to eat.

Music Island Sunee Grand Hotel UbonMenus quickly appeared from the hand of one of the waitresses on duty. The pages of the menu are mostly filled with Thai and Chinese dishes but there is also a selection of European cuisine as well. The prices are in line with what you might expect to pay considering the environment. The meals you are served are well worth the price. When your dish arrives you can expect it to be presented well and served politely with a smile.

sunee grand hotel ubon restaurantThe piano man, the evenings dining entertainment arrived in a white suit that reminded me of John Travolta character in “Saturday Night Fever”. He hopped across to the island where his piano awaited him. While we dined the piano man played and sang softly in the background. The songs were in English and older, Elton John, Eric Clapton and Credence Clearwater. A good meal with some good music.

Sunee Grand Hotel Ubon Smoking RoomThe rooms are non-smoking but there is a smoking room available on each floor. If you smoke you don’t have to leave the hotel to do so.

I was reading a novel by Stephen King and had watched “1408” on Star Movies a few nights before. “1408” is a movie staring John Cusack and Samuel L. Jackson based on a Stephen King novel about a hotel room with a life of its own. Maybe that was on my mind as I walked down the corridor on the 8th floor. Since this newest hotel in Ubon is not fully operational yet not all the rooms have guests. I was noticing the deep quiet that hung in the hallway. A total lack of noise from outside, from other rooms and from other people. I thought Mr. King might come up with a story about a guy who woke up in the middle of the night at a fully booked hotel only to find he was the only guest.

I didn’t let imaginative thoughts to disturb my sleep. The bed was big and comfortable and the pillows were like marshmallows. I was disappointed that I didn’t have any dreams about hotels, but I was refreshed. I heated some water and had a quick cup of coffee, then enjoyed a long hot shower with rare high water pressure.

The next morning I was relieved to notice other rooms had e

nvelopes with service satisfaction surveys stuck under the doors. So much for the great novel. It could also be considered a VIP service. So those were my thoughts as we headed down to breakfast.

sunee grand hotel ubon breakfastBreakfast was from the menu because there aren’t enough guests yet to justify a buffet. You can choose from American, European or Asian breakfast selection. Morning serenade, in the beginning, was provided by an opera singer. Opera is definitely quality music but not on my top 100 list of favorite genres. I am thinking the faces I made convinced the staff to change to modern contemporary songs. Ah, much better.

After a good breakfast, a relaxing shower and a good nights sleep it was time to check out. This process was painless as well. Granted, there is a low occupancy rate but the staff is getting good training. There are a few staff members who can speak English so if you visit Sunee Grand Hotel and have a challenge just be patient.

If you are traveling on a budget this would not be the place for you to stay. There are plenty of accommodations and hotels around Ubon for under 500TB per night. If you are looking for affordable luxury, whether for business or pleasure, then this would be for you and definitely worth a try if you are in Ubon or planning to visit soon.


  1. Cynthia says:

    Sunee Grand sounds great; we just stayed at Tohsang one night.
    Is there some way somebody can find out the dates of Khao Phansa for 2010? I was in Ubon for it this July 8 and would love to go back since I met some nice wax artists, but I don’t have their contact numbers to ask. Internet has nothing about 2010 yet, nor TAT Ubon which didn’t seem to work in English.


  2. Cynthia,
    Since the Candle Festival is a Thai Buddhist occasion it it always determined by the moon. Just find a 2010 calendar and locate the full moon in July. This will be the Grand finale and parade. Everything else is scheduled around that date. Hope this helps.

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