Beautiful Girl, Song, Scenes From Ubon Ratchathani

There are many beautiful things to be found here in Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand. You will experience a few of those things in the video below.

The girl is Tai Oratai, a local Ubon girl made good. She is more than just a pretty face though. As you listen and watch you will see she is also blessed with talent.

The song and music are Isaan born and bred. The music, lyrics and delivery give you a sense of what Ubon and Isaan are all about.

The location of the video is at a place known as Sam Pan Bok a Thai name meaning Three Thousand Holes. I didn’t count them when I visited, just took their word for it.

Sit back and enjoy one of the reasons, We Love Ubon.


  1. Darwin,

    I’ve just read all your blogs from 5/07 to 4/10 and want to thank you so much for your dedication and devotion to WeLoveUbon. You love and appreciation for Ubon and Thai people is contagious. I’m a high school and community college instructor in the US, and have been thinking about teaching at a rural school in Thailand next year. How are students in Ubon? Have you written about your students or the school? I would like very much to to know about your teaching experience in Ubon.

    Please accept my sincere thank you for your excellent writing. Take best care and keep up the great work.

    With warmest regards,

  2. Darwin, is this park near Phibun? I went to a park in 1969 that was on I believe the Mun River lots rapids and rocks.


    USAF Utapao/Ubon 68-69

  3. I sent you a reply via email

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