Breakfast in Ubon Ratchathani Day 3

Today I decided to break from the traditional and check out something different for breakfast in Ubon Ratchathani.

Have you ever tried a liquid breakfast? Not the kind I had occasionally in my younger days but a healthy breakfast.

One day I was walking through Nevada Entertainment Complex checking the movie schedule and noticed a new shop, the sign read Healthy Breakfast. It was afternoon and closed. One the door it gave the business hours as 07:00 to 12:00.

Nevada Entertainment Complex Healthy Breakfast Shop

Nevada Entertainment Complex Healthy Breakfast Shop

The next time I was in the area in the morning I stopped by and talked to the owner. I thought it was a local entrepreneur who got a great idea for a specialty breakfast shop. But now I know it is a franchise created and sponsored by HerbalLife.

In addition to thisĀ  shop at Nevada Complex there is also at least one more in Ubon. It is located downtown on Sapphasit Rd next door to Indochine Restaurant a few hundred meters east of Phadaeng Rd.

There is one item on the menu. A protein and fruit drink. The good things you have to choose from to add to your protein are green beans, black sesame seeds, red beans, brown rice, and a few other items that I couldn’t translate to English. You can select what you want, all, a few or none. It is up to you.

An Ubon Ratchathani Healthy Breakfast

An Ubon Ratchathani Healthy Breakfast

You get a large 500ml glass with your breakfast filling it to the 500ml mark. It takes only a few minutes as it is prepared only after you order. The drink comes with a companion drink of another HerbalLife product. The taste is ok but if you choose this for your healthy breakfast in Ubon it is not about pleasing your palette.

If you just order a single drink it is a bit pricey at 120 Baht. But if you plan to frequently visit the shop for breakfast or mid morning snack you can purchase a plan that cuts the cost to 90 Baht per drink.

This is a great alternative for health conscious diners or for those whose doctor recommends a change of diet. So if you want a healthy breakfast in Ubon Ratchathani you might want to visit Healthy Breakfast down at Nevada Entertainment Complex at Ubon International Hotel.

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