Buying Real Estate In Ubon Ratchathani

I have had several inquiries via my website in regards to buying a house and/or property here in Ubon Ratchathani. I admit to be lacking on this topic as I have never had any experience in this matter. So I did some research.

It is virtually impossible for a foreigner to own land here in Thailand. There are ways to buy a house though. As I see it all ways involve a certain amount of risk to the person who puts up the money.

This is what I have learned but I cannot vouch for how accurate the information is. If you are married to a Thai citizen you can pay for a house but it must be totally in your spouses name. You can have a house built on leased property and own the home but not the land. As I understand it the leasor can terminate the lease at anytime for any reason. Another way is to invest a sum of money in Thailand and then you are allowed to purchase a home.

If anybody has any different or further information I would appreciate any input that is valuable and can benefit visitors and readers of this website.

I located one company Kittrong land and House on Chayangkun Rd. I visited the office and one sales associate spoke limited English. His name is Peter Chen. He told me he could help any foreigners who are interested in buying a home here in Ubon. He also told me he is knowledgeable in regards to Thai laws about foreigners buying real estate in Thailand. I cannot confirm or deny this claim.

If anybody is interested here is the contact information:

Peter Chen
Kittrong Land and House
504 Chayangkun Rd
Ubon Ratchathani
office phone: 045-313336
mobile phone: 085-497-6243

I hope this helps anybody who is interested in buying a home here in Ubon Ratchathani.

Once again if anybody reading this has personal experience or knowledge I would appreciate the information.

Home is where the heart is, Ubon is home.


  1. this gets you a yellow house book and the right to that property for the rest of your life

    In case you wish to communicate the meaning of this ‘strange’ word in Thai to a Thai, the word in Thai is ????????????????????? (the phoenetics of this are sitthi nai kaan chai prayote). The definition goes on for a bit in Thai as well, but it basically says the same thing as the extract from the Civil and Commercial Code shown below, to wit: “the right to use another’s property together with the profits of that property under stipulations whereby the said property is not harmed or damaged or caused losses thereto.” This quote is my direct translation from the English-Thai dictionary I am using at the moment.

    SYLLABICATION: u·su·fruct
    PRONUNCIATION: yz-frkt, -s-
    NOUN: The right to use and enjoy the profits and advantages of something belonging to another as long as the property is not damaged or altered in any way.
    ETYMOLOGY: Late Latin sfrctus, variant of Latin susfrctus : sus, use; see usual + frctus, enjoyment; see fruit.




    Section 1417
    An immovable property* may be subjected to a usufruct by virtue of which the usufructuary is entitled to the possession, use and enjoyment of the property.

    He has the right of management of the property.

    The usufruct of a forest, mine or quarry entitles the usufructuary to the exploitation of the forest, mine or quary.

    Section 1418
    A usufruct may be created either for a period of time or for the life of the usufructary.

    If no time has been fixed, it is presumed that the usufruct is for the life of the usfructuary.

    If it is created for a period of time, the provisions of Section 1403 paragraph 3** shall apply mutatis mutandis.

    In any case the usufuct comes to an end on the death of the usufructuary.

    Section 1419
    If property is destroyed without compensation being paid, the owner is not bound to restore it; but, if he does so to any extent, the usufruct revives to that extent.

    If any compensation is paid, the owner or the usufructary must restore the property so far as it is possible to do so, having regard to the amount of the compensation received, and the usufruct revives to that extent; but, if restoration is impossible, the usufruct comes to an end and the compensation must be divided between the owner and the usufructary in proportion to the damages suffered by the respectively.

    The same rules apply mutatis mutandis in the case of expropriation as well as in the case of partial destruction of the property or of partial impossibility to restore the property.

    Section 1420
    When the usufruct comes to an end, the usufructuary must return the property to the owner.

    The usufructuary is liable for the destruction or depreciation in value of the property, unless he proves that the damage was not the cause of his own fault.

    He must replace anything which he has wrongfully consumed.

    He is not bound to give compensation for depreciation in value caused by reasonable use.

    Section 1421
    The usufructary must, in the exercise of his rights, take as much care of the property as a person of ordinary prudence would take of his own property.

    Section 1422
    Unless otherwise provided in the act creating the usufruct, the usufructary may transfer the exercise of his right to a third person. In such case, the owner of the property may sue the transferee directly.

    Section 1423
    The owner may object to any unlawful or unreasonable use of the property.

    If the owner proves that his rights are in peril, he may demand security from the usufructary; except in the case of a donor who has reserved to himself the usufruct of the property given.

    If the usufructary fails to give security within a reasonable time fixed for the purpose, or if, in spite of the owner’s objection, he continues to make use of the property unlawfully or unreasonably, the Court may appoint a Receiver to manage the property in his stead. Upon security being given, the Court may release the Receiver so appointed.

    Section 1424
    The usufructary is bound to keep the substance of the property unaltered, and is responsible for ordinary maintenace and petty repairs.

    If important repairs or measures are necessary for the preservation of the property, the usufructuary must forthwith inform the owner thereof and permit them to be carried out. In case of default by the owner, the usufructuary may have the work carried out at the owner’s expense.

    Section 1425
    All extraordinary expenses must be borne by the owner, but in order to meet these or expenses coming under the foregoing section he may realize part of the property unless the usufructuary is willing to advance the necessary funds without charging interest.

    Section 1426
    The usufructary shall, for the duration of the usufruct, bear expenses for the management of the property, pay taxes and duties, and be responsible for interest payable on debts charged upon it.

    Section 1427
    If required by the owner, the usufructuary is bound to insure the property against loss for the benefit of the owner; and if the property is already insured, he is bound to renew such insurance when due.

    He must pay the premiums of the insurance for the duration of his usufruct.

    Section 1428
    No action by the owner against the usufructuary or his transferee in connection with the usufruct or vice versa may be entered later than 1 year after the usufruct comes to an end; but in any action by the owner who could not have known of the end of the usufruct, the prescription of 1 year shall run from the time when he knew or ought to have know of it.

  2. Isaan Life,

    Thanks for your input.


  3. Darwin,
    Thank you for posting the info. I think that I actually sent you an email about this. I am a Thai citizen who was born in Ubon (1970) my father was stationed in Ubon. I am now in the states but will be returning soon to start building our home and my mother will retire and move back to thailand later this year. If you or anyone comes across homes for rent please let me know.

  4. Tina,

    You are most welcome. Yes you did contact me about a contractor. Never heard if you had success. At the moment I don’t know of any rentals available but will keep ears and eyes open.

    If you email me and let me know what your needs are I will only tell you ones that fit your situation. Thanks for the comment.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I have just set off down the path of getting a small single storey house built in the Kantaralak area. Knowing already that rights are next to impossible I’m doing it on a complete risk (to me) basis, being lucky enough to be able to afford the loss if the relationship collapses in exchange for the great times already – and hopefully to come with my Thai girlfriend.

    I think that my girlfriend has located a good builder. We have seen examples of his work in Kantaralak and Ubon and he is obviously quite successful with several residential and commercial buildings in progress. He has not asked for payment for the design (20% deposit payble on contract, then a progress payment schedule) – which seems quite fair.

    Maybe I will have some useful experiences to share later.

    Already it has been great fun planning the design with him and my girlfriend – I’m learning a lot of new Thai words fast! I don’t know where else in the world you can get a 3 bedroom house built to your own tailored spec for 2-3 lahn, but let’s see how it goes (and whether he can get within my budget).

    Of course if any of your other readers have experiences to share on the subject I would love to see them

    Steve U
    (Brit, Kantaralak area)

    PS Anybody know good places to start looking for kitchen and bathroom furniture/fittings in Ubon (or Krungthep come to that)?

  6. Steve,
    Thanks for the input. I wish you luck in your endeavor.

    Are you looking for new or used things for your house?

  7. Phil Rose says:

    I saw where Steve said he hoped to build a 3 bedroom house for 2 to 3 million baht. I thought without land you could build a good sized home in the Ubon area for about 1 million. I know near my bird’s home in Ban Ratsomran Tambon Tha Lat a Thai has built a big two storey place (about 280 square metres) for about 1 million.

    I am unaware of land cost as I currently intend to expense the home by building in the next 12 months on my bird’s land (and if the relationship [now in excess of 2 yrs] goes belly up I just walk away with no regrets).

    In Tha Lat my bird’s father recently had a near total rebuild of his home completed, and the 3 builders were only being paid on average about 200 baht a day each. The more expert one a bit more and the two workers under him less. So that was a labour component of less than $US19 a day for about 60 days, or only about 36,000 baht for the 60 days.

    I am unsure what the electrician charged.

    The builder in charge seemed to do all the plumbing required.

    My bird’s father bought all the necessary materials.

    Does anybody know what a normal block of land costs in Ubon up around Big C.

    For if a house comes up for sale that looks reasonably well built I may favour a buy rather than a build, for the workmanship I have seen around Ubon is not anywhere near Western standards.

    I have stayed at Kittrongvill Resort in both March and May 2008 and it seemed an OK area to live except for the mosquitoes. Are they everywhere in Ubon, or more prevalent around Kittrongvill because of the creek and small lake that is next to it?

    I have watched the expansions at Kittrongvill and it will be interesting to see how large it will be when they finish the convention centre and never ending (it seems) new blocks of accommodation units there.

    For some reason my WiFi worked there for me in March but not in May?

    I will be interested in how Steve progresses with his building.

  8. Phil,

    Thanks for reading and sharing your input and comments.

    You have a lot of questions and I do have some answers. If you go to the websites and contact me via email I will answer most of your questions as best I can.


  9. Raymond Joseph says:

    I am just catching up with your blog after a few months doing my own thing. We are building a house in Thamuang near Ubon. You can visit my blog
    My girlfriend has been project managing and we employed a local builder who in the main has done a reasonable job.
    We used an architect to design and make sure the legal and safety standards were documented.
    However as with most things in Thailand events do take over and you have to have trust that everything is completed to a good standard. I think there are a few things I am not too happy with but overall we are very excited. The blessing takes place on the 18 July.
    Ubon Watsado have been our main suppliers from nails to beds. I don’t know if they are the cheapest in town but their range is good. I am impressed with the enthusiasm to get the job done and the promptness of suppliers.
    The house is 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 lounges, inside and outside kitchen and dining room. Your estimates on costs around 1 million are accurate. The land belongs to my girlfriend.
    I have also found that discussing changes during the build are not difficult but you need patience and skill to get the ideas across.

  10. grahsam stephens says:

    Young feller..I’ve been living here for some years…I have a three bed bungalow on six
    ra i which I want to sell..fully furnished where. Don’t I go

  11. You can post here marketing your house for sale and you can call Ubon Homes at 045-252-550 or check out their website at

  12. Can anyone help me with a good Plummer in Ubon Ratchathani can you give me a number thanks

  13. I don’t know of any but hopefully someone else can assist you.

  14. Greg Burke says:

    Hi, I live in Warin Chamrap, and want a small stairway cover built, and roof extension done. Neither job is huge but I want a quality job done. Any recommendations?
    Thx Greg in Ubon

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