Find Your Thai Soul Mate in Ubon or Elsewhere in Thailand

When and if you come to visit Ubon Ratchathani or any of the 76 provinces in Thailand you are sure to have a memorable experience. So many different adventures here to choose from.

Did you enjoy the nightlife of Bangkok and Pattaya? Did you hear the music on the beaches of Phuket and Samui Island? Did you feel the freedom of nature on eco-tours in Chiang Mai? Did you feel the heat of the local cuisine in Isaan? Were you introduced to the varied Thai Buddhist temple personalities? Were you enchanted by the alluring smile of the many lovely Thai ladies you encountered on your journeys?

Maybe you have spent some time in Thailand with some friends. You relive those moments over a cold beer or a pizza while taking turns spinning the tales that others who weren’t on the trip find hard to believe.

Back home you are haunted by the voices calling to you to return to Thailand. You have no choice but to listen and come to the conclusion your life will never be complete until you experience living in the Land of Smiles.

You finally have the chance and make the leap. Soon after arrival you hook up a job teaching English. You have some income and a visa for at least a year. Daily life is different living here than your time as a tourist but life is still amazing. You soak up the culture shock and attempt to learn a bit of the language.

With all the new adventures and experiences you get the feeling something is missing. Then it comes to you. When you were a tourist you were with your friends and always had someone to share with. Now you are alone. You are missing a partner, a soul mate, a girlfriend. Where is your Thai girl?

If you visited certain bars you might have felt like a chick magnet. This only happens in the movies and the male ego grows to enormous proportions. But the next day it is all gone. If you want the same experience again, like the movie “50 First Dates” you have to start all over again. But back in the real world things just don’t happen that way.

So what do you do?

Not so long ago, through a friends blog, I noticed a review of a book. This book documented experiences about finding, meeting, and developing a long-term relationship with your Thai girl. It included words of wisdom regarding culture, society, qualities and traits of a special breed of women.

It looked interesting, but I was skeptical. Many such guides are just stepping stones to agencies or other things and never really offer any value. So, being skeptical and curious I contacted the author, yes he does give his contact information. This is a plus for me as it means he stands behind his creation.

Next, I got my hands on a copy of Your Thai Girl. I was impressed. It is well written and over delivers on promises. It is a solid foundation for building a positive knowledge base in your quest for a Thai girlfriend, soul mate or wife. I have had a relationship with Thailand since 1994 and have done my share of dating. I wish I had access to what this book offers then. It would have saved me a lot of headaches, trials and errors, seeming rejection and loneliness. My story has a happy ending. I finally learned but it was a steep learning curve.

I was pleased to see that not only do you get the guide but some beneficial bonuses are thrown in, as well. One covers the always emotional topic of getting and maintaining your Thai visa, another covers tactics for how to meet a compatible lady in 10 days and my favorite, “How to live in Thailand on $600 a month”. I took a few bits of knowledge away from the latter bonus.

If you are living here and haven’t discovered the “secret handshake” to be able to find and meet someone, this book could be for you. If you are planning to come to Thailand to visit or live and want to come prepared, this guide could be for you.

If you are looking for magic spells or a “mail order” catalog then you should probably keep looking. What you will find within the pages of, “Your Thai Girl” is an azimuth to lead you in the true direction in your quest to find and meet a compatible soul mate, girlfriend, wife or even just a good friend for long term fulfilling relationship.

Take some time today to investigate for yourself. It will be time well spent. No matter where you plan to go or where you are living in Thailand you will find this guide useful if you are interested in discovering Your Thai Girl.


  1. Great blog mate,im a 48 year old aussie who has become single,selling the house and going on adventures now.Plan on coming in a few months to train at a muay thai gym and live the dream for as long as possible .

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