Immigration Services Offered in Ubon town.

On Friday, April 24th, 2015, Ubon Ratchathani Immigration Office will be at Anuban School, beside Tung Sri Muang Park, in downtown Ubon.
The officers will be available from 0900 until 1130 to process 90 day reports and all extension services.
If you need any of these services head on over to Anuban on Friday will all your documentation.


  1. Hello, Darwin. I’ve been reading some of your blogs recently. I wasn’t sure how to contact you about my question, so my apologies if this is the wrong forum (in this case, I simply looked for your most recent post).

    I would like to attend this year’s Candle/Wax Festival in Ubon Ratchathani, but I want to get my dates correct. Is the main portion of the festival (processions, beauty contest, cooking demonstrations, music and other festivities) taking place on July 30-31 this year, as some blog sites say? Or July 10-12, as some other websites say?

    Do you happen to have a daily schedule of events or know where I can find one?

    This will be my first visit to Ubon Ratchathani. I will most likely be traveling by train or bus. Is the train or bus station located relatively near Thung Si Mueang Park? I will likely be staying somewhere close to the festivities, or within a 1-2km walk (I don’t mind walking – in fact, I love exploring new towns that way).

    Huai Khwang, Bangkok

  2. Can I go here with my NonImmigrant -O- visa every 90 day, insted leaving the country?

  3. According to a website that visa N-I O is good for 90 days but you can go to Immigration and apply for a 1-year extension from the date you first entered Thailand. So you can go there before the 90 days are up and apply but they are able to approve or deny so you would need to go before the 90 days are up. There also seems to be some documentation required, probably the same as needed at consulate or embassy outside of Thailand. Here is a link to the page I got this from—Accompanying-sp.html good luck

  4. CLARKE WILSON says:

    Recently traveled to Ubon was told in BKK that immigration in ubon would stamp my sons passport for free(has Thai Id card and now passport) instead charged 1900 bt AU75.00 for a 5 day overstay. P.S Are there any other forums to interact / discuss with other expats (Australians etc) find a massive lack of English spoken assistance and info while in Ubon .Have been travelling here for 17yrs with Thai (ubon local) wife, and I am not fluent in Thai.

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