Like New Vigo in Ubon Ratchathani

You have a chance to get yourself a like new Vigo here in Ubon for a great price. 

One of the side benefits of maintaining this website is I have occassion to meet some of the visitors. One such occassion was when Jay came to Ubon. 
Jay is from UK, he lives and works there with his Thai wife and 2 sons. They had plans in the future of living here in Ubon. To that end Jay invested in a nice house and  a nice new lovely blue Toyota Vigo.
I was invited to visit at the house on the outskirts of Ubon and had a nice time talking. I met his wife and sons. I also got a good look at Jay’s Toyota Vigo. It could have just be driven off the showroom floor. It looked brand new. I never would have guessed it was almost 3 years old. 
Often times in life things don’t go as planned. One of Jay’s sons was born with a condition that needs constant quality medical care. Jay and his wife did some research and investigating but found that the needed medical care wasn’t available here in Ubon.
Somethings are just more important than your geographical location and Jay came to a realization that more than likely he and his family would not be living in Ubon long term and their visits would a lot less frequent.
Knowing this it didn’t make sense to keep a vehicle that would only be driven maybe every three years for a week or two. Jay made the decision to sell his lovely Vigo. He is also considering selling his house if the right offer is made.
If you go to a Toyota dealer now you are going to pay almost twice what Jay is asking for his truck. It is not new but it is like new and the km accumulation is barely more than broke in.  Jay paid 900,000 Baht for it and is asking only 600,000 Baht. So basically he paid 300,000 Baht to break it in for the new owner. 
If you are looking to buy a quality second hand truck you should check this one out. If you are thinking of buying a new truck you should check it out as well. You will be pleasantly surprised. 
If you are interested click here to get contact number and more information. Tell him Darwin sent you. 

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