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lily restaurant ubon

This identifies Lily Restaurant

Maybe you’ve been out to Huai Wang Nong, a man-made pond just  east of Ubon Ratchathani airport.  Not long ago it was mostly deserted but now it is home to an ever increasing number of restaurants, resorts and homes.

Lily On The Pond

One of the newest eateries is Lily Restaurant and Bar. A prodigal daughter of Ubon and her Swedish husband return to Isaan after 20 years away. Most of the time was spent in Phuket but they also lived in Sweden for a few years.

lily restaurant view

Looking out from Lily

As part of their new life back in Ubon Ratchathani they decided to open a business out at Huai Wang Nong. The decision to use a new restaurant as the foundation anchoring them at home was easy, as they had operated an shop while in Phuket.

They named the new restaurant, Lily, for no reason other than they like the name. I further gave it the name, Lily On The Pond.  It is a small quiet place that has the privilege of being near the water each and every day.

What’s on the menu?

lily restaurant view again

View from table at Lily

The offerings on the menu at Lily are mostly Thai dishes. However, there are several westerner selections as well. Lily Restaurant might be the only place you can find Swedish meatballs in Ubon. Along with the meatballs you can also find Fish & Chips, Cordon Bleu, Steaks and an assortment of salads.

Lily Restaurant Ubon

Lily Fish & Chips

The promise the proprietors will make to you is you will get good food at a reasonable price. The environment will be clean and pleasant. You can enjoy the view of the pond while you enjoy your lunch or dinner with your companions.

Lily Restaurant in Ubon is open daily from 11:00 to 23:00. It is small open air structure, nicely decorated. There are tables outside as well if you prefer.

Lily Restaurant Ubon

Sweet looking bar at Lily

There is no public transportation that runs at Huai Wang Nong so when you drop by Lily you will need your own transportation or get a taxi or tuk tuk. Two songtaew lines run close but walking would be required.

I have eaten there several times and always enjoyed my meals. You should go enjoy a lunch or dinner there soon. Try out the menu and say hello to welcome some new Ubon Ratchathani residents.

Lily Restaurant and Bar Ubon Ratchathani

View of Lily from the street

Above is how you will see Lily Restaurant and Bar from the street and as you are walking up the path to enter the shop.

Map to Lily Restaurant Ubon

Where is Lily Restaurant Ubon Ratchathani

Above is a Google map of Huai Wang Nong area. You can see the satellite view is dated as there is no water in the pond yet. The location of Lily Restaurant and Bar is approximate but should help you find your way. Happy dining at one of Ubon’s newest restaurants.

UPDATE: Michael and Joy have closed Lily Restaurant and Bar temporarily for some new building construction. I was told it will be closed around 4 months. I will keep you posted as I receive new information.


  1. I agree. Nice owners and nice Swedish meatballs. Worth checking out for Lunch or dinner.

  2. Good to see you blogging again, Darwin. And out and about eating. I depend on you to find me new places to try and haven’t been disappointed yet.
    I’m doing a blog about eating in Ubon in the next few days with (I hope) a link to We Love Ubon. Hope it works.

  3. MeMock

    Great to see we agree on something. Thanks for the comment.

  4. Lawrence,

    Happy to hear you can use what I post. Good luck with your new blog. Just contact me and let me know.

  5. Thanks Darwin. Not a new blog, though, just a new post. Sorry to mislead. I hope the post is clearer.

  6. Michael Hare says:

    Hello Darwin,

    My friend and I went over to Lillys today for lunch. I didn’t realise that it was next to Plaa Cartoon restaurant where I have eaten before..

    At noon we were the only customers. The staff were a little sleepy-maybe a late night the night before. But a nice atmosphere with the breeze coming in.

    We ordered three dishes, stirr–fried mixed vegetables, carrot som-tum and fried fish with black npepper sauce. Food was okay. Nothing special but it was peaceful and had plenty of fresh air.

    I would say a good place to go for lunch.

  7. Michael,

    It is nice out there but out of the way. It takes some time for word of mouth to get around for new establishments. I just updated about Lily, they will be closing for around 4 months to do some building.

  8. Ubonpoochai says:

    Did they ever reopen?

  9. No.It never opened again.

  10. Mily and Mike have reopened in another location about 5-6 months ago. Its now located on the Ubon-Trakhon Rd, Rd. 2050, that runs around the southeast perimeter of the base. GPS 15*16’41.41N, 104*52’49.83E. When you get to the stoplight at the 7 Eleven, turn right. They are closed on Mondays. Food is good. Give them a call at 086-2730-3328. Not a partner nor do I have any interests in the establishment.

  11. Thanks I will check it out

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