Line 1 Ubon Ratchathani

Ubon Songtaew Line 1

Ubon Songtaew Line 1

Line 1 is the green and yellow songtaew that runs north/south from Highway 24 outside of Warin Chamrap district to Highway 24 on the way to Yasothon not far past the Forestry Office.

It was time to do my research ride so I went over to Chaeng Sanit Rd and caught Line 1 (sai neung), songtaew beside SK Shopping Mall. It was late morning so the mini-bus wasn’t too crowded.

It made it’s way through town and across the Mun River to Warin Chamrap. We made a stop near the Warin Market and most of the passengers got off. One of the remaining passengers was actually the fare taker. She looked me over then asked me in Thai, “Where are you going?”, “pai nai?”. I explained to her as best I could that I was just riding to see where the songtaew traveled. She seemed to understand and it gave her a good laugh.

I had no idea where we were going as I had never been on the 1 Line before. It was evident we weren’t terminating in Warin as we were now speeding out of town on Highway 24. We finally ended up still on Highway 24 almost to Ubon Ratchathani University. All that was there were the songtaews and a few roadside food vendor stalls. I guess that was chosen because there was a place to do a U-turn there to head back the way we had come.

As I disembarked from the rear of the pick-up I noticed all the drivers staring at me. I guess they were thinking I might be lost as there was no place to “go” in the vicinity. Surely I didn’t come all the way out there to get some lunch.

A few of the drivers began laughing at me and shouting over to the people running the food stalls. I couldn’t really blame them. It was a bit strange me riding all the way out there for apparently nothing. Maybe I just got on the wrong songtaew.

After about a 10 minute wait the next truck in the queue fired up his engne and pulled out on the soi. I jumped on the back, ready for my ride to the other end. I was the only rider so for the moment at least I had VIP chauffeur service. Pretty cool.

As we were pulling away, one of the food vendors walked out from her hidden location. She was a nice looking girl not yet 30 years of age. She yelled at me, “hello!!” and waved. I promptly returned the greeting. She continued to stare at me as we drove onto the highway and I heard her shout, “I love you.”

I knew she was only joking, (pood len) as she doesn’t know me at all. Besides that I am no longer a young stud and my body is in need of a major makeover. But it’s still good for the male ego to hear such things. We made our U-turn and she hadn’t moved. The last I saw of her she smiled and blew a kiss in my direction. Ah, what can I say? Amazing Thailand.

That was my experience riding the Line 1 songtaew in Ubon Ratchathani.

Route North to South:

Highway 24; Upparat Rd,; Phrom Rat Rd.; Khuan Thani Rd,; Burapha Nai Rd,; Sapphasit Rd,; Chaeng Sanit Rd,; Highway 231; Highway 23.

Route Highlights:

Warin Market & Bus Terminal; Nakhon Chai Air; Mun River; Big Market; Srigamon Hotel; Oliva Italian Restaurant; Ubonrak Thonburi Hospital; Nanatana 3 Coffee Shop; Jumpahom Restaurant; Sapphasit Hospital; Police Station; Sincere Restaurant; Intro Pub Indo Jeen Restaurant; Cowboys & Indians Pub; SK Shopping Mall; Rajabhat University & Cultural Center; Makro; Bus Terminal; Kwan Na Tong Restaurant.

Never know what can happen when you get out and mingle.


Since I originally wrote and published this post there have been some changes. Now line 1 has extended its route to past Ubon Ratchathani University. That means there are now 3 buses you can use to go out to Ma Ubon.

Several people have experienced confusion about what mini-bus goes where. I have been asked if I could create and post a map with the routes. After much frustration and hair-pulling I have made a page for Line 1 that includes an interative map with the route traced with periodic markers. If you are curious about the finished product you can go test it out here, Line 1 map test page.


  1. Hi Darwin
    Great read again. I love your sense of adventure….. The taxis are starting to cover more of the city these days which is great news. Five years ago when we purchased our land/house in Tambon kamyai you would be lucky to see a taxi all day up and mostly the wife and i had to use tuk tuk’s back and forth from the hotel to handle the purchase. Back then it was just a dirt road past our land and now they have concrete roads throughout most of the village. The village has grown in a short space of time from village to Town status now with Taxis running up and down past our house there every hour or so. Thinks move on at a real pace over there in the city.

    Your story of the girl made me laugh and I remember my first trips over to LOS where I thought I was unique in as much that I seemed to be the one who was labelled “handsome man” and had a friend who looked like sylvester Stallone gone wrong slightly and over weight. They shouted at him “Hey Locky”!! guess they meant Rocky!…………

    Anyway keep up the writing its great to read about Ubon.

    All the best.

  2. Thanks for the comment Jay,

    I have had some of my best experiences in Thailand just getting out and about.

    Ubon is growing and changing. I have seen many additions to the town since I have been here. I am hoping through it all Ubon can manage to retain it’s character and identity.

    Check out this site if you want to see how Ubon looked during the mid 60’s to mid 70’s.

  3. Stephen Sivell says:

    Darwin. At home here in Canada and I came across your interesting stories and photos about Ubon. Sure makes me homesick for Ubon and the times we once had. I’ve been in Canada for 3 months, trying to make a go of it for a few years.My wife remains in K.K. awaiting sponsorship. I may not last though. Ten years in Thailand ruins you for returning to North America. I feel like a foreigner here. Hope you’re well and keep up the diary. I’ll look you up one day on my return..All the best. Stephen

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