Lovely Little House in Ubon Ratchathani and You Can Rent it

In Ubon Ratchathani, on Soi 9 just off Ubon-Trakan Road there is a lovely little house for rent. If you are in the market for a place to live it would be worth your time and effort to go by and take a look.

house for rent ubon

Front View of House

This is an Ubon Ratchathani Community Service post.

Are you looking for an affordable, comfortable house to rent in Ubon? If you have been on a quest you will soon discover that finding a rental can be quite a challenge.

I was informed about this house that will soon be available so I went over and took a look. I would personally be interested if I was in the market but am quite happy where I now live.

The current occupants and the ones who are making an effort to find new tenants are not the owners. They have happily lived there for the past two years but made a decision to return to Bangkok. They are two German expats who spent some time enjoying the amenities of country life in Ubon.

The house is in a quiet established neighborhood. The house itself has several rooms that can be utilized deemed appropriate. There is a kitchen, a master bedroom, a storage room, an entryway, a dining room, and other rooms that could serve as bedrooms or office space.

The best thing about it is the garden area just outside the front door. It was created and built by the current residents. You can sit out there and enjoy your morning coffee or evening drink. The plants provide ambiance and shade.

When Ken moved in he and his partner did some painting and installed some new air-conditioning in addition to the garden area they built. The rent is 7000 per month and Ken is asking for 37,000 as compensation for all the improvements that will benefit whoever rents it next.

You must go see the house before you make a decision. A house like this is a rare find. There is space for you to live so the house is not a meter away from your neighbor. One drawback might be that it is near the airport and at times you will have to share your peace and quiet with some jet engines.

If you don’t have your own transportation it is a 5-10 minute walk out to Ubon-Trakan Road to catch the 8 Line into town. You can walk over to Huai Wang Nong, a large reservoir, where you will find a nice selection of restaurants to enjoy a nice lunch or dinner.

Take a look at the photos below and if you are interested you can contact Ken (or Gunnar if you have no problems pronouncing German names) at (081)346-4600. Tell him your heard about it at WeLoveUbon.

Photos of House For Rent Ubon Ratchathani

house for rent ubon

Side Yard

Above is a photo of the yard on the west side of the house. It is long and wide enough for playing bedminton and other activies that interest you. It also creates a buffer between your house and the neighbors.

house for rent ubon

Your Front Garden

In the photo above you will see the masterpiece garden that adds beauty and privacy to your living space. A place for you to relax or enjoy meals and drinks.

house for rent ubon

Your Dining Room

The dining room is small but serviceable.

house for rent ubon

Your Living Room or Great Room

A nice place for you to relax or entertain.

house for rent ubon

Your Master Bedroom

Though the bed goes with the owners you can get an idea how it will look when you make it your own. A place for nice dreams.

That is the house you can rent in Ubon Ratchathani. You can contact Ken at (081)346-4600 and set up an appointment to see it today before it is snatched up by someone else.

I have been notified by Ken that documents have been signed and this home now has a future resident. So, that means it is no longer available.


  1. Love your site. I was stationed in Ubon back in the 70’s for two years. I was in the Army and we were supposed to live at the Bodin Hotel but most of us had bungalows. I lived in the Sweethear Bar which I am sure is no longer around. Anyway, great site and it sure brings back good memories. I loved Thailand and consider it probably the best duty station I had in the 10 years I spent in.

  2. Thanks. Good place to be while in the Army. I would loved to have experienced Ubon back in the 70’s. There is no Sweetheart Bar now but Bodin is still here but far from 4 star accommodations now. Same with Ubon Hotel.

    My in uniform military best memories came from Hawaii, Ft Lewis, WA and W. Berlin.

    You guys ought to have a reunion back here in the Ubon of today.

  3. we vil rent house ,betveen Ubon-Khuang Nai.We
    vil start rebuilding house Khuang Nai.Vi kommer
    dit week 44.Cont. mail.
    telef. Kaarlo:08 225 79 116 speak english no god
    finish.svedish, norks,Lek 08 11 757 865 seak Thai
    Tu speak thai,litl english. Maybe we coming hear
    someone We will be thankful.

  4. hallo
    i look for 1 house for rent for my 2 daughter. They study at Ubon. when its free at may coll to me german / englisch 0856322998 or Thai 0872716764 Rat

  5. looking for house to rent around ubon city, 2 or 3 bedroom.
    call me on 0896038384

  6. will keep an eye out

  7. ThaiAmy says:

    We are looking for a small property to buy.
    If you know of an apartment or house for sale, please post or email information. I am a Thai Citizen and was born in Ubon and would like to buy a place there. thanks..

  8. Hello. How are you? Thanks for the comment. Thanks for the question. If I see or hear of anything I will email you.

  9. Roger Jenkins says:

    I have a 2 year old house in a gated community in Ubon for sale. It is 5 minutes to Big C and 10 minutes to down town air base. It is a modern 3 bedroom/ 2 baths with gates and covered carport. Must have 1.6 million Baht, this is below market value. Point of contact is a Thai military person in Ubon.
    . Have pictures and contact in Ubon if interested.


  10. I am looking for a house in Ubon, anything near the airport or surrounding area is fine.

    Really suffering here without a proper accomodation.

    I need a house not an apartment.

    Please Helpppppp

  11. I don’t know of any houses available in that area but will keep my eyes open.

  12. Why is it so tough to find a house in Ubon? I am still rotting in one room apartment.

    Anywhere is fine, but not too interior or too outside the city.

    Thanks for consideration Darwin, hope to find something soon.

  13. Please contact me, if anyone know about any decent houses for rent in Ubon City.

  14. I guess because it isn’t set up for a mobile society. I don’t know for sure. You just have to get out and drive around, keep your eyes open and ask everyone you meet. It does take a bit of patience.

  15. Jim George says:

    Darwin It would seem you could set up a good Rental business!

  16. looking for a place furnished for 200 dollars a month from november to march.anywhere in thailand is fine thanks bertrand

  17. need a place 2 bedroom plus anywhere in thailand from november to march do you have anything thanks bertrand

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