Lunch At Wrong Way Cafe Ubon Ratchathani

Wrong Way Cafe has been a fixture here in Ubon Ratchathani for more than a year now. Richard and Ting opened it because there weren’t any places for expats by expats here. Since it’s opening there have been minor changes in it’s menu and operating hours but has continued to be a place where expats can go to engage in some interesting conversation, meet new friends, drink a cold beer and enjoy a good meal.

There is normally a special meal prepared on special days such as Christmas, Valentines Day and other Thai and western holidays. The Christmas Dinner and the Barbequed Ribs Dinner were particularly memorable.

I read that Richard had recently altered to menu significantly and also included breakfast meals, which can be ordered anytime during the open hours. Wrong Way Cafe’s hours are Monday to Saturday 11:00 to 24:00 and Sunday 11:00 to 22:00. If you want to check out the new and improved menu you can go to Wrong Way’s New Menu.

I decided to have lunch and see who was hanging out there. I was greeted by Richard and a group of out-of-town expats. An American and Brit from Nong Khai, an American from Udon Thani, an American from Pattaya and another Brit from Khon Kaen. They were here in Ubon to join the Ubon Ratchathani Candle Festival 2007. In total, I think they had more than 100 years experience in Isaan and I enjoyed listening to their stories. They had gotten rooms at the mansion behind Wrong Way for 650 Baht per night and had plans to go play gold this morning. No idea how their games went yet. The rest of their time here in Ubon will be spent experiencing the festival and interacting at Wrong Way Cafe.

I sipped a very cold Tiger beer while listening to the “war stories”, learning some things I didn’t know about Thailand, Isaan and Ubon. My hunger got the best of me so I decided to try the sausage rolls and the Texas chili con carne. Both were excellent. I had wanted to 10 Inch Hot Dog, which I dubbed the “Aerosmith Hot Dog” from the Aerosmith hit song “Big 10 Inch Record”, but it wasn’t available. I got filled up and satisfied by the meal I did order. I hadn’t had any good Texas chili in a long, long time, so it was a pleasant surprise to find it on Wrong Way’s new menu.

Wrong Way is located at 49/4-5 Phadaeng Rd. You can get there during daylght hours on Line 10 or Line 11 or anytime by tuk tuk. If you need to contact them their number is 045-245291.

Special Candle Festival Dinner:

As I was leaving Richard informed me about a special dinner they would be having on July 29, 2007 around 18:00. He had procured a large smoked ham in Nong Khai last week and it would be the feature of the dinner on Saturday. If you are in Ubon then I am sure Richard and Ting would love to have you stop by, enjoy a good dinner and meet you.

Thai Phrase of The Post:

Can I see a menu, please?

khaw mehnoo noi khrap (male)
khaw mehnoo noi kha (female)


  1. Hey Darwin. Good posting and sounds like some good food available.

    My domain name has changed for my blog. It’s name

    Enjoy the festival.


  2. Brunty,

    Thanks for the comment and the good word. I will get as much out of the festival time as I can.

    Yeah it’s some good food when you need a change of pace or a break from Thai food for those occasional times when you need a farang food fix.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Anyone know if Wrong Way Cafe is still around? Richard’s website seems to be down.

  4. As of Sept. 2008, Wrong Way is still open. (Now closed on Sundays) cc

  5. Just had lunch there today, very yummy.

    Darwin, you mentioned 650 baht for a room behind the cafe. Do you mean directly behind bcause if so they are only 350 baht per night.

  6. thats good place to visit ..

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