Peppers Bakery and Cafe Ubon Ratchathani Now Open

A new international restaurant and bakery opened in Ubon Ratchathani today. An Aussie expat and a new to Ubon expat from New Zealand and their Thai wives teamed up to bring you another expat enterprise in Ubon Ratchathani.

I got an email this morning from a fellow expat I had never met. Today, his new project, Peppers Bakery & Cafe, opened for business. As it was around 11am I thought I would go and have lunch there. We need to support our fellow expats here in Ubon.

The location and that it is a cafe is not new. Previously it was doing business as Tony’s Bakery. It is now open under new partners, with a new name, and a new attitude.

The bakery portion features all homemade cakes, cookies and bread. And you can get a coffee or tea to go with it, hot or cold. They also open at 7am so you can stop by for breakfast on your way to work, when you are out and about or intentionally plan to try it out.

The menu selection is small but they just opened. As you patronize their establishment and let your desires known it will change and grow accordingly.

You can get Thai or Western cuisine. Western choices include hamburgers, schnitzel, fish, sandwiches and spaghetti. I ordered their hamburger for 195TB. It was good and I didn’t go away hungry.

When you go visit if it’s in the next few days be a little patient. They just opened and still learning the ropes but  they do aim to please.

Ubon Ratchathani is ever growing and evolving. Peppers Bakery & Cafe are part of that adding a good breakfast, international restaurant and expat enterprise.

Why not head on over to support Andrew and Ben in the contribution to Ubon. Ben is from New Zealand and new to Ubon so go say hello, introduce yourself and help welcome him to our community.

If you don’t know where Peppers Bakery & Cafe is you can find it on Uppalisan Road just across from Wing 21, the local Royal Thai Air Force Base. If you don’t have your own transportation you can use Line 10 or 11 which pass right by the shop. Of course, you can also take a tuk-tuk or motorcycle taxi as well.

Andrew and Ben could use your support now and in return you will get some good food and good friendly service. Head on over today to one of the newest Ubon Ratchathani restaurants.

P.S.  Peppers Bakery and Cafe Update

Peppers Bakery and Cafe have modified their hours of operation. They are now open 08:00 – 18:30 and the kitchen closes at 16:00.


  1. michael hare says:

    As you know Darwin I popped in to Peppers too. Wonderful attitude. Very refreshing.

    I wish them all the best.

    I bought some bread and cakes. I tried the bread-very good. One loaf of bread and the cakes I gave to an older German friend. He is going in tomorrow with his wife for breakfast. He said that if they did a German breakfast he would be in everyday. But German breakfasts are very difficult, You have to have Gedrman sausage, Italian salami, a range of german breads, German scambled eggs etc. They won’t eat Thai sausages.

    Maybe Ben and Andrew will get a few tips from the Germans and start some German breakfasts in the future.



  2. The fresh new cafe in Ubon is well worth a visit! I really enjoyed my breakfast (the down under) and cappuccino the other day and will certainly be making a visit to Peppers part of my routine. Great work guys, keep the smiles and friendly service coming. Oh and the free wifi is always a winner – cheers!

  3. Jimmy Walsh says:

    Visited Peppers just this morning, had a cheese and ham toastie for breakfast and even got a portion of fries on the side! Good value for money, great food and very friendly people. The chocolate milkshakes are very good too! Good luck guys, see you again soon…

  4. First visit on Monday. Excellent food and friendly people. Will certainly be going back again. Well worth a visit if you’ve not tried it yet.

  5. peppers have only breakfast and nothing another and the service no friendly

  6. Thanks for the info. Someone told me of a similar experience but I have not been in there lately.

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