Ridin’ Line 2 Ubon Ratchathani

Ubon Public Transportation Line 2

When I fist came to Ubon Ratchathani, Line 2 was serviced by a full-sized public bus as a part of Ubon Ratchathani transportation system. During that era I only rode it one time.

I was a bit apprehensive to ride one of these buses due to their obvious state. They must have been in service back in the 60’s or 70’s when Americans and Australians were posted at the Royal Thai Air Force Base, Wing 21.

What I noticed most was their attitude as these white buses made their way down the road. Viewing the vehicle from the front it was easy to see the rear peeking it’s butt out and one side or the other. It appeared as though they were executing a “Tokyo Drift” maneuver while driving in a straight line. Many of the buses also listed to one side or the other like a ship rolling on it’s side just before descending to the bottom of a sea.

The much used buses were finally put to rest and granted a well deserved retirement about a year after I made Ubon my home. They were replaced with the currently used white mini-buses or songtaews.

Line 2, which is white in color, runs south to north from Ubon Ratchathani Train Station to Skill Development Center. It is the line you would take if going to or arriving at the Ubon train station.

Line 2 Route North to South:

  • Sathani Road
  • Sathit Nimankan Road
  • Upparat Road
  • Khuan Thani Road
  • Luang Road
  • Phichit Rangsan Road
  • Upparat Road
  • Sapphasit Road
  • ChaengSanit Road
  • Ratchathani Road
  • Chayangkun Road
  • Highway 231
  • Highway 212
  • Klang Awut Road

Route Highlights South to North:

  • Ubon Ratchathani Train Station
  • Warin Chamrap Market/Bus Stop
  • Nakhon Chai Air
  • Mun River
  • Ubon Buri Resort
  • Big Market
  • Tung Sri Muang Park/Museum
  • Ubon Hotel
  • Ratchathani Hotel
  • Main Post Office
  • Wat Tung Sri Muang
  • Tokyo Hotel
  • Cowboys & Indians Pub
  • OTOP
  • SK Shopping Mall
  • Rajabhat University/Cultural Center
  • Ubon International Hotel
  • Ubon Sports School
  • Lotus
  • Nong Bua Market
  • M&M Coffee Shop
  • Rajavej Hospital
  • Labor Office
  • Big C
  • Makro
  • Ubon Bus Terminal
  • Skill Development Center


  1. Hi Darwin
    I am here in Ubon and using the info here to learn my way around. My friend has a car but she is a woman driver in the worst since of the phrase but oh well so far she gets me around. see you soon Fred from South Carolina

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