Sapphasit Apartments Ubon Ratchathani

In Ubon Ratchathani, as in many places in Thailand, it can be a challenge to find a place to live. There usually aren’t local papers with “apartment for rent” or “house for rent” ads. I have yet to find a service for house or apartment seekers which could make the search easier.

The normal way people find a place to live is to drive around for hours in the area they want to locate in and get lucky or the other way is to ask everybody you know or meet if they know some place for rent.

When driving around Ubon I always have my eyes open for signs about houses or apartments for rent. Recently I have been seeing signs advertising a new apartment complex, Sapphasit Apartments. They are all in Thai but I can read enough to know what they said. Even so I had difficulty finding the place.

Finally, I saw the sign showing the entrance to the apartments, it is a very narrow drive. I went in to check it out. It is still very new and there is work being done to complete the parking area. At the entrance there is an office with staff on the left. On the right you will find an Internet room. The girl asked me if she could help me and I asked if I could see a room.

The room I was shown is nice but a bit small. It is furnished with a double bed, big screen TV, a desk with chair and a small sofa. The rooms come with air-conditioning, hot water for showers, satellite TV and Internet connection. This room goes for 4000 Baht per month. She told me the rooms upstairs are 7500 Baht per month. I don’t know what the difference is as she didn’t offer to take me upstairs. Electric, water and telephone are extra to be paid when you pay the rent. If you want housekeeping service I was told it is available for 1000 Baht per month extra.

Sapphasit Apartments also offers daily rooms. If you want the daily rate the cost is 550 Baht per night and includes breakfast. It seems to be a pretty good deal.

To get to Sapphasit Apartments head down Sapphasit Road, when you pass Sapphasit Hospital turn right on Phon Paen Road, the entrance is on the right hand side maybe one hundred meters from the intersection.

The location is great, very convenient. It is surrounded by restaurants, mini marts and public transportation. If you walk out the entrance and turn right, go to the next intersection you will find Risotto Italian Restaurant, a nice place with good food.

The contact information is as follows:

135 Phon Paen Rd
tel: 045-240127
fax: 045-241097
mobile: 081-967-8896

Hope this helps if you are looking for an apartment to rent in Ubon Ratchathani.

Thai Phrase of the Post:

Do you have any rooms vacant?

Mee hawng waang mai?


  1. Hi Darwin,

    Have been to Ubon a few times as I may retire there next year (from Aus) with my bird, who is from nearby Ban Tha Lat (18 kms from Warin Chamrap down Highway 226).

    U have basically answered the question I was going to ask. Your answer is I think “I don’t think there is one”, for the question was to be, “Do you know of any Real Estate Agents in Ubon City”.

    For on my next trip (in early Oct 07) I have to go Unit and house hunting again to obtain a feel for the local real estate market.

    I have looked at different houses around Ubon, one in an estate, on the southern side of Highway 226 near its start, looked a little run down, and the asking price was about 700,000 baht.

    Others in a fairly new estate east of Big C, had prices of about 1, 2 and 3 million, depending on whether they were single storey, or double storey, and came with a small or large land area (swimming pool etc).

    In any event, is there somewhere you know of in Ubon you can go to to find out current Ubon house prices, I was thinking of going to a local lawyer to ask what he/she knew (as I am in the same profession).

    In your article on the ajarn site I note you said you can rent in Ubon for to 10,000 baht a month; so I think it may be best in the end to rent for a year or so while I try to learn to what standard Ubon homes are built to (and by whom).

    I have enjoyed your site; as it is filling in many gaps for me.


  2. Phil,
    Glad my sites are beneficial. If you email me I can give you more info and answer some quesions. go to contact us at the bottow of

  3. hello
    my name is yunil and im from korea.
    i’m looking 4 a apartment in ubon cos i’m working mear by…as a ngo.
    i can pay just 3500-4000bhat..
    but i don’t like to stay with bugs;;
    it means i want stay newly built…..
    so could u tell me which one will be good?
    and i really want 2 know the seongtaewoo is running from what time…..i need to go to busterminal at 5:30…

    anyway so glad to know about ur site….
    and hope to get reply from u
    thanks alot…bye

  4. Yentil,

    Welcome to Ubon. There are several new Apartments around but the newer ones are running around 5000 Baht per month.

    Songtaews don’t beginning running until around 6am so you might have to rely on tuk tuk or motorcycle taxi to get to the bus terminal by 5:30

  5. Bruce W. says:

    Hi Darwin,
    Your site has made me feel I might have a friend in Ubon that could give me some real advice as to my continually evolving plans to someday soon; 1-3 yrs; move to Thailand for at least a year.
    I will soon be 58 y/o, have made 10 trips to Thailand since 1984, longest stay was 3 mos, but want to stay at least a year on the next trip. I am saving for this now and will not make this move til I have funds of $1000 USD per month for living expences, (but would like to be able to servive on 6-800 USD/mo.), + airfare, and another $1000 per month to cover things like visa expenses and expenses that I want to invest in learning to set-up and operate a website that could produce a modest income within that 1yr time frame so that I might continue to stay permanently.
    The Walen Language School says that for approx. $800.00 USD/ yr they can arrange a student visa for a yr long period as long as you take 180 Thai classes. Are there Thai Lang. schools in Ubon that can offer the same?
    Second, I want to live in a small apt. or a hotel room with modest accomadations. My primary needs are a place with good security, so that theft is’nt a constant worry. Do you think 5-7000B/mo will cover this?
    Third, Can I find in Ubon professional people to help me with starting and maintaining a website?

  6. Hi Darwin,

    I have just landed in Ubon Ratchathani. I am very new to Thailand too. I am looking for accommodation, may be an apartment, can pay up to 5000thb.

    Please help me put on this as its really urgent and i am spending a lot of money of Daily Room rent.

    Hope to hear from you.


  7. Tony,

    Welcome to Ubon. All the apartments listed on are 5000 per month or less with the exception of Natsiri. Maybe get a tuk tuk to take you around and find one with rooms available. People have been happy at Lakeview and others.

  8. robert angel says:

    I will be in Ubon for one month in February 2012 and need cheap clean apartment one room. Any Swimming Pool in the area for fitness please

  9. What is your definition of cheap? There is a swimming pool at Sunee Grand Hotel and one at Ubon Sports School.

  10. I am also interested in an apartment in a building , 1 bed or studio, not necessarily with a pool but with outside space< a terrace or large balcony. I would be looking for 4 months rental from November and also looking for a good price, not more than 8,000 baht a month. Any suggestions would be most welcome. I prefer an apartment to an hotel and wifi is essential.. I am enjoying reading your site and look forward to visiting.

  11. Hello and thanks for the comments. Most mansions (studio apartments) used to rent by the month and by the day. I have noticed lately there is a rising trend to just rent by the day. They have more traffic but make more profit. There is a list on the site of apartments around Ubon. Give that a try first.

  12. H all,has anyone stayed there that can comment or report what its like ,location etc, anything really. Thanks Dave

  13. Any reports on Sapphasit or can anyone recommend alternatives similar price?

  14. Hey Dave, the apartments in the block south of Sapphasit Hospital. Entry is from the street on the East side. Most of the apartments on the site are comparable in rate.

  15. Dave,
    I go to Ubon often, wife is from there. When we go, we always stay at a serviced apartment. (used to stay at in laws house, but I hate the steep Thai style stairs, which I fell and broke a bone or 2, so that was enough..) =0 )
    Anyway, I actually used this site to find out about where they were at, then, last visit, I would move to another each week or so to try them out. (ya, wife thought I was bonkers) First, we always used to stay at Ging Tawan. It is/was the cheapest and very clean, but somewhat away from the city center. Chatsuree was similar, but more within the city center. Green Park, I went to look at, but seemed too far away from everything IMO. We stayed at Huai Muang Apartments, which is tucked away, but right on the river. Was nice, but they were doing a lot of construction at the time, so rather annoying, that’s probably all done by now (was 2 yrs. ago almost). I glanced or walked through some of the others, but they didn’t appeal to me for one reason or another…Nitsiri, was real nice, covered parking to keep you and car out of the sun or rain and very secure.. all rooms are up off the main street, and very modern..but more expensive. Oh, Costly place was just that, Costly, but as far as amenities, it is right there in the vicinity of a mall with lots of shops and eateries, really a perfect location. I didn’t explore Sapphasit. Not sure why, maybe the wife just wanted to stay at one place and quit moving all the time..I was having fun exploring! lol You can plant yourself at one, I’d suggest Ging Tawan, they were the cheapest, again, 2 yrs. ago. Ubon is growing, there is probably much more there now. Oh, and I think all of them would rent a daily rate as well, though a monthly would be a better rate. Good luck.

  16. Thanks for the feedback. Most offer daily rates and several are moving away from monthly rates. They can make more by day.

  17. Sappahsit have stopped monthly rates now 550 for big rooms

  18. should have made my position clearer , been in Phuket 10 years , had enough of that . Now would like to rent 3-6-12 months apartment or house, don,t know the area, so some advice greatly appreciated by “some old hands” prices for rent seem to be all over the place now but quite happy to stay Sappharit for a week or two to look around any ideas ? thanks

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