Breakfast in Ubon Ratchathani Day 4

Yesterday was a healthy breakfast in Ubon Ratchathani. Today I went to experience the big breakfast buffet at Ruen Sunee Restaurant in Sunee Grand Hotel. When I spent the night in one of the Sunee Grand Hotel rooms it was newly opened and occupancy was very low. The breakfast buffet was in the plans but […]

Ubon Ratchathani Thai Tourism Fair

It is no secret that tourism is down in Ubon Ratchathani as well as in all of Thailand. The same is true in many locations around the awesome planet on which we live. Some staff at Sunee Grand Hotel and Convention Center got together with Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) and organized an event to […]

Will New Ubon Fitness Center Return Boyish Figure?

Recently “The Biggest Loser” came to Ubon Ratchathani via satellite TV on Hallmark Channel. I was curious about the whole process and began watching it to see how it all works. I have seen before and after photos of the contestants and was utterly amazed at the positive transformation that took place. Even though the […]

A Night at Sunee Grand Hotel Ubon

If you travel to Ubon Ratchathani, it is nice to have current information about your destination. There have been several new accommodations built here in Ubon but Sunee Grand Hotel is the only new true hotel opened in Ubon, since I have been here. The best way to write about something is to experience it […]

Ubon Sunee Grand Hotel Interview

The Ubon hotels available is constantly changing. The list of accommodations in Ubon Ratchathani is growing larger. One nearly completed project is Sunee Grand Hotel. It has been a work in progress for nearly two years. Many people who have visited my blog and website have asked me, “When will this new hotel open?” I […]