Ubon Ratchathani Candle Festival Schedule

The Annual Candle Festival in Ubon Ratchathani is about two weeks away. The activities are much more than just the parade and eating. It is a celebration of Thai Buddhist Lent that consist of many traditions. I found the schedule on a Thai website all in Thai. I got my wife to help translate it […]

A Festive Morning At Tung Sri Muang Park Ubon

The Ubon Ratchathani Candle Festival is held on several venues. One of the major centers for activities was Tung Sri Muang Park in downtown Ubon. It is the location of the giant wax sculpture pillar, which has become a landmark here. Of course I had to go down and see what was going on there. […]

The People Make The Festival in Ubon Ratchathani

July 30, 2007 started out as a rainy day. Would it put the dampers on the celebration of Buddhist Lent and the Ubon Ratchathani Candle Festival?No way! Before 8am the rain stopped and the sun started breaking through the clouds. What that means in Thailand is heat. It was the day for the big parade […]

Ubon Ratchathani Candle Festival 2007 Parade

Ubon Ratchathani Candles Festival has come and gone. The memories of the past few days will remain a lifetime. I offer just some of the images I had the pleasure of experiencing during the festival. Just Some of the 86 Candles:

Ubon Ratchathani Umbrella Festival 2007

Today I had the honor and privilege of joining the First Annual Ubon Ratchathani Umbrella Festival. The beginning of the rainy season is the logical time to hold this event as the umbrella’s will be put to a lot of use in the coming 3-4 months. I found some good seats up 3 levels which […]