Lily Restaurant On The Pond Ubon Ratchathani

Maybe you’ve been out to Huai Wang Nong, a man-made pond just  east of Ubon Ratchathani airport.  Not long ago it was mostly deserted but now it is home to an ever increasing number of restaurants, resorts and homes. Lily On The Pond One of the newest eateries is Lily Restaurant and Bar. A prodigal […]

Breakfast in Ubon Ratchathani Day 6

This is the final post in this series. If you are visiting Ubon Ratchathani and looking for a place to have breakfast or you live here in Ubon and wondering if there are restaurants that offer a variety of morning meals I hope you found something new to try. Nescafe Restaurant has been open in […]

Breakfast in Ubon Ratchathani Day 3

Today I decided to break from the traditional and check out something different for breakfast in Ubon Ratchathani. Have you ever tried a liquid breakfast? Not the kind I had occasionally in my younger days but a healthy breakfast. One day I was walking through Nevada Entertainment Complex checking the movie schedule and noticed a […]

Breakfast in Ubon Ratchathani Day 2

Today I continued my search for restaurants  that offer breakfast meals in Ubon Ratchathani.  My plan is something different everyday but keep in line with what is popular with locals as well as visitors and expats. For the most part what we eat is determined by a variety of influences. Where we live and the […]

Breakfast in Ubon Ratchathani Day 1

I have heard sayings such as as breakfast goes, so goes your day and breakfast is the most important meal of the day. If you are living or visiting Ubon Ratchathani you need to eat breakfast too so I am doing a series about places to get breakfast here. Samchai Restaurant or Rahn Ahan Samchai […]