A Tale of 3 Waterfalls Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand Part 3

Gaeng Lam Duan The 3rd and final waterfall

I recovered and re-hydrated so it was back on the road again. Luckily I had brought an extra shirt and changed the one that was drenched with sweat and mist. The open windows were much more help to dry out then the car’s air-con.

The next stop is Gaeng Lam Duan not far from the point known as the Emerald Triangle where Thailand, Laos and Cambodia meet, halfway between Na Ja Luay and Nam Yuen. I wanted to visit Emerald Triangle but it was impossible due to political issues.

Gaeng Lam Duan is billed as “Unseen In Thailand“. It is famous for what they call “Parading Shrimp”. At this point hordes of crustaceans, some type of freshwater shrimp or maybe what they call crawdads in Louisiana. It would be a sight to behold no doubt.

Gaeng Lam Duan

The only similar phenomenon I can recall is the running of the grunion in San Diego, California or maybe the salmon making a journey back to the place of their birth up the rivers of Alaska or the Pacific Northwest. The salmon’s journey is the final act of their lives to lay and fertilize eggs to continue the cycle of life.

The “waterfall” itself is more just a water flow than a water fall. I couldn’t find any actual falls there. It was interesting though. Walking down to the water a group of three Thais offered big smiles as a greeting.

I group of 10 Thai teenage boys darted past and made their way into the current. Their goal was to do a short body surf in an exceptionally swift run between some boulders. It looked like fun.

As we explore the site, a ranger appeared and stood at a distance as though he was an overseer. I tried to ignore him and go about my business enjoying the day. I found a place to sit and soak my feet in the fast running water before moving on.

There are some large element shaped rocks laying out in the water. The way lines had been formed in the surface resembled scales of a crocodile or some other reptile. Interesting artwork. I walked past the ranger who was accompanying me and noticed a badge on his uniform. I recognized it as Thai Jump Wings. I asked him if he earned that badge at Kai Erawan in Lop Buri, Thailand. The look on his face let me know he was pleasantly surprised. He didn’t expect the farang standing before him to know about this.

For that moment in time we were brothers. Connecting on fact that we had shared an experience, though at different times. Is this evidence to support the 6 degrees of separation rule?

The big event begins happening at around 7pm as darkness is falling. If you want to enjoy the show it is best to find nearby accommodations to avoid a long drive back to wherever you live or are staying. This, for me, was just a recon for future trips. So the phenomenon of the Parading Shrimp making their way upstream for a mating orgy is still unseen.

I was leaving making my way to pit stop before heading out again. I heard a voice say, “Hello”. When I turned in the direction of the sound it had come from a lovely young lady, whose face was now red with an embarrassed grin on her face. She then giggled a few times and pointed toward Gaeng Lam Duan. Her male companion had no reaction, just looked at me. I thought hey don’t look at me. I am an innocent bystander just walking and minding my own business. Ah what a country. Never a dull moment.

From the land of Parading Shrimp the plan was to pass through Nam Yuen and stop in Det Udom for dinner. There was a vote for Khao Tom so we thought would have to drive around to search for one. But lady luck was with us. As we turned north onto Highway 2191 there on the opposite side was Chok Dee Khao Tom restaurant.

Another great meal sitting in the fading light under blue skies. Thinking back over the day I had to smile. In my head I was hearing what I heard and read many time, “Ubon is boring. What is there to do in Ubon?”. I was coming to the end of a satisfying and fulfilling day in Ubon Ratchathani. It don’t get much better than this.

Much of the drive back to Ubon city was cloaked in darkness. When it started getting bright we were close to Ubon Ratchathani University. The lights were coming from the many food vendors whose shops sprouted recently in order to provide meals to the increasing university student population. It is quickly becoming a thriving community on the outskirts of Warin Champrap, in Ubon Ratchathani.

Thus ends another Ubon Ratchathani adventure. It was a day filled with natural beauty, interaction with locals, good food, great experience and great company. I hope it will inspire you to get out and see what surrounds you. Be a traveler not a tourist, experience, don’t just observe.

Happy travels in the midst of the people and natural wonders of Ubon Ratchahani, Thailand. Create your own tale of three waterfalls in Ubon.

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