Ubon Cuisine Italian Style

Risotto Italian Restaurant Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand

Risotto Italian Restaurant Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand

Do you live in Ubon and sometimes get a craving for Italian food? Are you thinking about visiting Ubon but wondering if there is an Italian restaurant in town? You are in luck, Risotto is here to serve you.

On the corner of Phon Paen Rd and Phichit Rangsan Rd there is a small orange building. If you look up you will see a sign prominently displayed, Risotto. Inside you will find about 6 tables that seat 4. Definitely, not for large groups. Each table has a nice view of the passerbys, made possible by large picture windows.

On the menu there is a sizeable selection of pasta, including the restaurants namesake, risotto. It is also one of the few places in Ubon where you can find authentic Italian style pizza. I have tried their pizza several times and found it excellent.

Included with the good variety of old world dishes there is also a good selection of wine to make your meal that much better.  If you are planning a quiet romantic dinner with someone special soon I would recommend you consider Ubon’s only Italian restaurant.

There is a variety of spaghetti dishes, that have ingredients that are hard to find here. The lasagna puts Pizza Company to shame. The servings, of all dishes, are good portions for the price. When you receive your order you will also notice the professional presentation.

If you come to visit Ubon why not enjoy a good Italian meal for lunch or dinner. If you live in Ubon and wondering where is a restaurant to go for a good meal, something different,  it would be worth your time to stop by Risotto.


  1. I love Risotto’s – I think I left a comment here on an earlier post about this place. Great spaghetti. AMAZING people. Glad it’s still there!

  2. Risotto looks great.

    Maybe you should organise a get together of all Ubon and other nearby bloggers. I’d love to meet you all.

    If you read http://www.thaigirl2004.blogspot.com you’ll know that I’m from Surin and that I currently can’t eat Italian or any other food for that matter as my mouth is sewn closed anyway, but I’d come if I can!

    Choke de and keep blogging!

    Andrew Hicks

  3. I have never dined their but the takeaway tasted okay to me.

  4. Vern,
    I might have mentioned it before but it is worth a second post. Had to whip out a quick post to test some tech stuff.

    Thanks for the visit. An Ubon Expat Blogger meet up would be interesting or could even try Isaan Expat Blogger meet up.
    I have visited your blog on a few occassions but not lately so wasn’t aware of your condition. Hope you heal up and back to normal soon.

    Will let you know if the meet up will happen.

    Next time visiting Risotto you should take the time to sit there and enjoy it. Nothing earth shattering but a pleasant experience.


  5. Thanks for featuring my novel, “Thai Girl” on your ‘recommends’ list. (In fact the edition available in Thailand is the red one and the pastel cover shown is the Monsoon edition published in Singapore.)

    Hope you’ve read, “My Thai Girl and I” as well! It’s certainly selling at the moment.

    My TG & I are rarely in Ubon but if ever, we’ll certainly be paying you a visit. My jaw’s much better and I could very happily get myself round a pizza.

    And Darwin, congrats on your two hundredth anniversary! How does it feel?

    Andrew Hicks

    PS Do you know of Nana Foods run by a delightful American who produces a range of Italian sauces? Do Google him.

  6. Andrew,

    My pleasure. It’s a quality read. Thanks for writing it.

  7. P.S. I didn’t see the entire comment when I replied.

    No I haven’t read that one yet. I don’t feel 200, in fact I don’t feel a day over 25.

    You are welcome anytime. Can get a pizza soon at Peppers or Spagos.

    I have heard of Nana and in fact as of a day or so ago there is a test offering of his products at Fresh Mart. We posted to WeLoveUbon’s forum at http://ubonforum.weloveubon.com

  8. I Love Risotto I Like pizza and minestone soup
    and I like evything

  9. I like desert and delicious

    your wellcome

  10. RISOTTO rocks!!!!
    right..real authentic taste that you can’t find elsewhere
    Go Risotto!!

  11. La miglior PASTA AL DENTE fuori dall’Italia!!E vai!!

  12. I ate at Risotto again today – and it was great. I usually have the spaghetti – so, today was no different. Nice spaghetti! Great garlic bread with cheese! The girl there actually remembered us – but, even remembered our names. It’s been 5 years. Amazing. I have had the pizza and spaghetti there – and love both. Stop in if you’re looking for an ice cold a/c place to eat at lunch or dinner. Tell them you know VERN. Cheers


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