Ubon Darwin and the Temple of Bloom: The Journey

It is a long, but not winding road that leads to who knows where. All I know is I had an urge to walk up it. I also knew it was hot and humid.

path to temple khong jiam ubon ratchathani

The bottom of the path

The trail was wide, covered in red dirt and boulders and walled in by water starved trees and shrubs. Mother nature felt no need to offer shade for a travelers respite from the heat. All we could do was sweat and continue moving upwards.

Looking back along the path

looking back along the path

Halfway up the ascent there appeared a small clearing on the right hand side. Planted in this clearing were several large boulders. It looked as though the rocks had rolled down the hill and decided to stop. Or maybe a giant mythical bird had laid its eggs here and they petrified before they hatched.

Whatever the reason they were there or how they came to be in that spot all I could see is precious shade. Without a word I veered 90 degrees to my right and made my way to the place where there was no sun. Ah, cool relief.

As my body was slowly cooling I dug out a bottle of water to hydrate. I took a sip and focused on the refreshing liquid flowing down my throat. It was then I heard the creaking and a rumble. An earthquake? No, the boulder that was providing me shade was moving to cover that shade with me still in it. What to do? I wasn’t in a position to make an escape.

saving myself

a feat of super human strength

I summoned all my strength, which out of fear, must have escalated to super-human. I managed to stifle the intent of the potentially body crushing large stone. I quickly exited the shade and realized the sun was far less dangerous then vindictive boulders.

A thought came to me that this must be a booby-trap to test travelers as to their worthiness for the quest. It seemed I passed and was allowed to continue.

temple of bloom

On the plateau

Still hot and thirsty but safe and sound we reached the summit that is a stone plateau. We strolled passed the trees that lined the rim and there it was, the treasure that had called us to this quest….


  1. A great read again Darwin. Another place on my list to visit. Stay well Darwin and hope to catch up with you soon. Cheers mate.

  2. Thanks Jay. I am here if and when you are able to return. I have no plans to visit the UK at present but you never know what the future holds. Take care.

  3. You have been many places in Ubon!. Shame on me, I grew up her, but I haven’t gone or known places like you do. I certianly use your blog to guide where to visit and where to eat. This is the first time for my husband to see Thailand esp. Ubon. Moreover, we are going during Songkarn( hot and wet).
    We love Ubon, dont we?

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