Ubon Darwin and the Temple of Bloom: The Quest

The clearing offered a view of the destination. There atop a white foundation was the golden antenna. One hundred more paces and we would be inside the walls. It was time to find out why I had to visit this place atop a hill on the outskirts of Khong Jiam.

gateway to temple of bloom

The Gateway

I passed through the gate and at first felt a bit of disappointment. It looked to be a typical small village Thai Buddhist temple. At first glance I could find nothing remarkable. I was compelled to come here so there must be a reason.

symbols of thailand and america

The Symbols

My first glimpse of something special was when I noticed to the left, a large eagle statue. Between its mighty wings stood a Thai Buddha image. It was appropriate for us seeing these icons of our countries connected. The eagle representing America and the Buddha image representing Thailand.

purpble orchids

Purple Blooms

That was great but there must be more. We made our way to an area in front of a building. It was shielded from view by trees. Upon entry what we discovered was the treasure that was the reason for our journey. Though a treasure it was not gold, silver, diamonds and rubies. So what was it that brought a smile to our faces and made us forget about the heat of the day?

white bloom

White Bloom

There before our eyes lay a garden of colorful flowers. There were red ones, blue ones, purple ones and white ones. A totally unexpected and incongruent oasis of orchids. This garden of orchids melted away the fatique in our muscles and brought a joy to the heart. All we could do was stand in awe of the splendor of nature.

pink and red orchids

Pink and Red Blooms

We walked through the kaleidascope of color but instead of collecting the gems we enjoyed them in their place. The treasure of this temple was indeed the beautiful blooms of hundreds of orchids.


Taking time to smell the ... Orchids

Once again I have been rewarded by chance and by nature after taking a risk to answer the call of an adventure into the unknown. You might not find this obscure temple in any guide book but what I have discovered during my time in Ubon Ratchathani is some of the most enjoyable places are found by simply exploring new frontiers.

P.S. This Thai Buddhist temple I am referring to as The Temple of Bloom is actually, Wat Tam Ku Ha Sawan, located on Highway 2222 just before the junction with Highway 2134  on the outskirts of Khong Jiam. It is worth a visit, especially when the flowers are in bloom. When you travel to Ubon Ratchathani this a nice attraction to visit.

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