Ubon Expat Bloggers Make Top 100 Thailand Blogs

Ubon Ratchathani, the easternmost province in Thailand has been the inspiration for many a blogs. What we lack in the excitement, glitter, nightlife and shopping of Bangkok and Pattaya is made up with natural beauty, quality of life and lifestyle. There are many blogs about or referring to Ubon about a variety of topics. You will find posts about travel, teaching, volunteering, experiences, relationships and more.

There is a relatively small expat community living here in Ubon. I have noticed, lately, the foreign population, though small and scattered is growing. You will find assorted reasons for moving to Isaan, retirement, relationships, teaching, lifestyle, weather, food, cost of living just to name a few.

Within the social ranks of expats residing here there are several who have taking up blogging. It is a great vehicle for sharing information, expeiences and insights about life and times here in Ubon. I am one of those emigrants. For me, right now, it is more or less a hobby with a goal to be helpful to travelers and residents of Ubon.

Today I was taking a journey through Technorati, sort of a blog hall of fame. I was curious and did a search for Ubon and a few hundred results came back. Most were commercial type blogs promoting hotels for a fee. One entry caught my eye, it’s title is, “Top 100 Thailand Blogs“. My curiousity got the best of me and I immediately clicked the link to go view the post.

The author of the post is Lost Boy (Matt) and the blog is WhatIsMatt. Matt had compiled a list of the Top 100 Thailand Blogs. It conists of Blogs in English and a couple of French ones whose topics related to Thailand. I have no idea the criteria he used to make his determination but I am sure it took quite a bit of time and effort.

I was somewhat surprised but seriously honored to find two blogs originating in Ubon made the list and a third that has ties to Ubon. The first belongs to an Aussie Ubon Expat, Jason, his blog is all about him living his life, Isaan Style. He features, insights, editorials, experiences, reviews, news and life in Isaan. The blog is centered in Ubon but also spreads to all of Isaan and other places around Thailand. Congratulations Jason.

The second blog belongs to yours truly. I was very happy to see my work listed on Matt’s blog. Since you are reading this you already know what this blog is about. My intent is to offer current relevant information for travelers, expats and locals of Ubon. I also use it to support the main static website, WeLoveUbon .

The third site gets an honorable mention. Vern, who lived here for a time and left part of his heart here, and his blog ThaiPulse. He focuses on topics and issues of interest foreigners living in Thailand as well as past and present travelers. Vern feels a connection to our adopted home and I get the feeling he would love to return someday to call it home, too.

I spent a lot of time exploring Ubon, looking for new and as of yet undiscovered places to experience. I often have to revisit known locations to update myself on changes. This blog post I found was originally published last year, which means I am late acknowledging the list. It is updated so is current. I want to thank Matt for compiling the data and including some homegrown Ubon expat blogs.

There are many other blogs dealing with Ubon. Some by expats and many by locals. A lot of the sites are more or less personal journals about day to day life or a special period of life. I have seen a number of blogs that hightlight local tourist attractions that have been visited by the author. Ubon is a big place and there is always room for more blogs and bloggers. I encourage you to give it a try.

Ubon Ratchathani is a great place for living, traveling and blogging. Hope to see you soon in our Isaan home in Thailand.


  1. Matts top 100 (more like 170) is a great reference point. Would like to bring your attention to my blog which is also on that list and is firmly based in Ubon.

  2. MeMock,

    Kudos goes out to you and your efforts as well. Consider my attention brought.

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