Ubon Immigration To Relocate to Sirindhorn?

Just a few days ago some interesting news was passed to me. According  to a reliable source, an officer at Ubon Ratchathani Immigration in Phibun Mangsahan said the office is relocating to Sirindhorn District in May of this year. That is May 2015. That it will be May is good news for me because I will make my annual visit in April.

I cannot confirm or deny this but considering the source I consider this information valid. The exact site of the new office location was not revealed or asked for but Sirindhorn is not a large district so it would be easy to find. It does make sense to do business from that location, as the majority of their customers likely come from Laos via Chong Mek. So in the future it will be a bit longer trip to do our business with Immigration but just one of the things we need to accept in order to live and work here.


  1. peter gearing says:

    Hi, moving up that way in the near future, any updates on immigration moving, relocating…regards pete.

  2. I will be there next week and will get an update and post it.

  3. peter gearing says:

    Hi, any updates regarding relocation of immigration?….pete.

  4. The officers there seem adamant about the move but do not agree on when.

  5. peter gearing says:


  6. James Tatar says:

    Well I went to the new immigration office Dec 3 just past the hospital on 217 in Sirindhorn and found the staff to be quite helpful We found out the bus service is about every two hours if your doing a bus so you may want to invest in a round trip. A Lao lady at the old station needed a ride to the new station so we gave her on there and back and that’s how we found out about the ride time.

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