Ubon New Year Tohsang Khong Jiam Part 2

In the far east of the eastern most province in Thailand, Ubon Ratchathani, perched on a small cliff overlooking the might Mekhong River sits Tohsang Khong Jiam Resort. In my quest to experience as many Ubon hotels and accommodation, I can, I spent the recent New Year holiday there.

tohsang khong jiam resort signIf you are coming through the town of Khong Jiam you turn left just across the Mun River. If you are coming from Sirinthon heading north to Khong Jiam you turn right just before the bridge. You would not expect to find much down this road, by the scenery. On the right is a National Park and on the left are scattering small buildings. Just after cross a small bridge a bit more than 2 kilometers into the road you will see a grouping of signs prompting you to turn left for Tohsang Khong Jiam Resort.

tohsang khong jiam resort entranceYou still will not feel like you are close to anything, but soon you see the entrance to the accommodation. It looks like not much more than a facade, but in fact it is the resort lobby. It is a small lobby containing only the reception area and a small gift shop. You will be greeted by the staff and offered a nice welcome drink.

After checking in you are ushered through an opening opposite the entrance. You are greeted by a designer wall that provides a bit of privacy for the swimming pool on the other side. A walkway that is there as well and if you turn right will lead you to the villa rooms and turn left leads to the deluxe and superior rooms.

The rooms are housed in two 3-story buildings between the front wall the Mekhong River. The doors are all facing a garden area and windows facing the scenic river. Superior rooms are on the 2nd and 3rd floors on both ends of the two buildings. What makes them different and more valuable are the sun decks. Here you can sit on the lounge chairs and sunbathe, take in the view, read or just relax.

tohsang khong jiam resort bedInside the room you will find a large comfortable bed seemingly covered in pillows, a wall mounted plasma TV, riverside view completely windows, mini bar and room safe. The bathroom features a separate stand up shower, a bath quite comfortable for me but might not be the same for a professional basketball player. The room experience is enhanced by a peaceful room decor. The only thing that breaks the river view is the trees which provide shade to your room against the afternoon setting sun.

tohsang khong jiam resort bathOutside again exploring the facilities, first was the swimming pool. It is small and 1.5 meters deep. There are lounge chairs surrounding the deck. Directly, behind the pool is the restaurant, Cafe De Terrace. It offers opening air dining on a deck overlooking the river. There is also an enclosed section for those days when it is raining or cold. Moreover, some might not enjoy eating in the great outdoors.

tohsang khong jiam resort balcony viewThe menu is varied, containing both Thai and Western dishes. The food is good quality, tastes great, presented well and reasonable priced. My experience with the staff was they were friendly and helpful. Two waiters who served us several times, Mom and Chang, always wore a smile and were anxious to use and improve their English skills.

My one disappointed with the restaurant was the evening entertainment. For me it was poor quality, something akin to a karaoke. I would have preferred taped music, a DJ or silence. It seemed very much out of place at a quality resort.

Walking through the restaurant you will pass a gift shop that offers clothing and other items. They are Thai silk mostly and made there locally. Beyond the gift shop is the spa, you can get relaxing Thai, foot or aroma therapy massages for relatively cheap compared with other spas where I have stayed.

The Garden Terrace is where the breakfast buffet is served. Each morning you get a choice of continental, American, Thai and Kai Grata. Of course also available are the usual suspects of drinks, coffee, tea, water, orange juice, grape juice and Bolan (Black coffee or coffee Lao).

At the end past the Garden Terrace, the villas are situated. They are few in number but all have an unobstructed view of the river. Besides the view they offer more space, more privacy and a deck to enjoy your meals at your room or just to relax.

Tohsang Khong Jiam Resort is not large, but it is in a great location and offers a peaceful atmosphere. It is great for a weekend away from Bangkok or whatever city you are living in. There are cheaper accommodations in Khong Jiam but if a hotel adds resort to the end of its name you can have greater expectations. You can expect to pay more, have a more relaxing environment and great service. Tohsang Khong Jiam Resort in Khong Jiam district Ubon Ratchathani province can meet such expectations.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi phil again,yes I,ll be in ubon next month,I wasthinking of a relaxing getaway for my girls birthday, What type of room do you recommend, say a 2 nite stay. regards bungalowbill.

  2. Hello Darwin…great to read your blogg again and see you are out and about around Ubon. It has been 6 years I guess since we were last at the Tohsang Khong Jiam and I’ll have to take the family again sometime in the future. Hope you’re well.

  3. Phil,

    I will send you an email.

    Yes out and about and giving the site some badly needed attention. About 6 years ago was the first time I was at Tohsang Khong Jiam Resort as well. I was participating in a uni weekend workshop. All expenses paid. All is well.

  4. Phil,

    I think I don’t have your email. So if you want more privacy and can have a private birthday dinner on your own deck I would recommend a bungalow.

    If you just want a nice room a deluxe is great. Its about half the cost of a bungalow. If you go to Ubonguide.com you can get a discount booking your room.

  5. bungalowbill says:

    Still await your e-mail,I hav booked 2 nites tohsang kh. jiam mid february, I'll be visit ubon twice in feb, try to catch up, & enjoy a yen singha.
    regards phil.

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