Around Ubon Ratchathani May 26

Ubon Ratchathani Bids Starbucks Adieu

Starbucks will be closing it’s doors in Ubon Ratchathani for the final time at close of business Sunday May 31, 2009.  After servicing the community for nearly two years at the Nevada Entertainment Complex it’s tenure has come to an end.  I visited the store yesterday and had, perhaps my last cup of coffee there. The only other patrons were two fellow Americans.

No reason was given other than declining business. Who knows the reason why? It is in a great location. Many complain of the high price of coffee there but people go there for the environment, atmosphere and fragrance as much as for the coffee. It might be that the majority of patrons at Nevada Entertainment Complex are teens and young adults and not so interested in an exotic cup of coffee in a quiet comfortable shop. It could be because Black Canyon Coffee was right next door and a java could be had for half the Starbucks price.

Whatever the reason if you do enjoy Starbucks you have until Sunday to say goodbye.

New Expat Business in Town

I just discovered there is a new Internet and game center that just opened in Ubon Ratchathani on Suriyat Road. It is owned and operated by an British expat and his wife. The name of the establishment is Click. So if you are in need of Internet service why not click on over and welcome Jimmy and his wife to town. The shop is on Suriyat Road 2 blocks East of Chayangkul Road on the  right hand side.

Ubon Ratchathani Spice Lady

Do you sometimes do your own cooking here in Ubon but get a bit frustrated trying to find oregano, bay leaves, thyme, vanilla sticks, cinamon sticks, backing soda or whole wheat flour?

I enjoy trying to imitate Jamie Oliver sometimes but he don’t normally use the basic Thai herbs and spices. In the past I had to stock up when I was in Bangkok then would find myself hoarding to make them last longer. But now I know I can use what I need and can replenish easily when stocks are getting low.

The shop proprietor is a nice lady who speaks enough English to know if she has what you need or not. Also she owns a large shop in Bangkok so if it’s not on her shelf she can order for you and have it here in a day or two.

The shop is small and piled to the ceiling with cooking and baking accessories plus many of the ingredients you need to cook up and Italian or other European or western dish.

It is located on Ubon Ket Street on the left hand side about 10 meters north of Prommathep Rd. Ubon Ket Street is one block east of Upparat Road. Prommathep Rd is one way heading in the direction of Upparat Road. If driving you would have to turn off Upparat Rd onto Phrommarat Rd down to Rajabut rd, turn right then right on Prommathep. Also the 8 line goes by Ubon Ket Street either on Phrommarat or Prommathep depending on where you catch it.

Ubon Ratchathani Apple Tree is Blooming

Do you own a Mac computer or other Apple products and wondered if you could get them serviced in Ubon? Do you desire the latest apps and add-ons? You are in luck.

Down on Prommathep Road you will find M&C Computer. They are a licensed and authorized Apple reseller and technical service point.

I spoke with Mr Kitti, Managing Director, today at his shop. He has scheduled a series of presentations at Rueang Rangsi, a home electronics shop  on Chayangkul Road about 500 meters south of Tesco Lotus.

The presentations are mainly to educate the Ubon community about Apple products and will be conducted in Thai only. They will be held Monday to Friday 18:00 and Saturday and Sunday at 15:00 and 18:00. Mr Kitti told me if you go and have questions he will be happy to talk with you after the presentations.

Or you can visit him at the shop, M&C Computer at 170 Prommathep Rd or call at (045)262-529 or (045)262-555.

Ubon Ratchathani Has A Thai Tutor

If you go around Ubon you will see many places advertising that they teach English. That is great for the locals but you are a farang.  You might have learned some Thai from a book or a friend but you really want to  increase your skills and understanding. What can you do?

I have a friend who has a business teaching Thai and English. Most of her clients who study Englsh are students at the local high schools or university. They are all going back to school next week so my friend has several opening on weekdays.

She has been tutoring farangs in the subtleties of the Thai language for more than 5 years. But her students usually come and go for one reason or another. I have taken a few lessons with her out of curiousity and also because though I have learned Thai it was all from books and I thought maybe I needed a push to get to the next level.  It was time well spent by me.

Khroo Ooh (pronounced short u sound) has a shop at 100 Ratchabut Rd in downtown Ubon city about 2 blocks south of  the Suzuki shop on Khuan Thani Rd. You can give her a call at (086)246-0754.

That’s the way it is, Tuesday, May 26 in Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand


  1. Hi Darwin, I hope with starbucks closing that Peppers might be able to pick up the slack in regards to your coffee intake!
    I was curious about the Thai tutor. How much does she charge per hour? Does she travel to teach or do you have to go to her?

  2. MeMock,

    I am sure some Starbucks faithful will move to Peppers. You do offer some of the same services and qualities as Starbucks. Cool comfortable peaceful environment, free WIFI, great pastries and good coffee.

    The tutor, Ooh, only works out of her shop. She is a sole proprietor so if she travels she actually loses an hour of potential income. She charges 300TB or less per hour for one-on-one classes. I gave her your biz card yesterday and she said will try to visit next week in the morning.

    I told her you might be open to allowing her to leave some flyers or brochures there so you can talk to her when she is there or call her. I am sure you can work something out that is mutually beneficial.

  3. Darwin, what a great community service you have on your blog for expats. I don’t even live in Ubon Ratchathani, and I’m interested.

    Starbucks, spices, Thai tutors, the Internet and Macs. Everything except for Starbucks is right down my alley 🙂

  4. Catherine,
    Thanks for visiting and thanks for the kind comments.

  5. Darwin, thank you for the welcome. Every once in awhile I drop by your blog as I enjoy reading about what you get up to in Ubon Ratchathani.

  6. Bruce W. says:

    Hi Darwin, I was in Ubon in July 0f 2007, the Starbucks was underconstruction then. I guess there just isn’t enought lucky fellows like you around to keep the place profitable. I enjoy reading about Ubon and thinking about what a great life your living. I’m envious. Someday,,,I’m going to live there too. Hope you’ll still be around. Would love to buy you a beer and talk with you about the joys of full time life in Thailand.

  7. Bruce,
    Thanks for the visit and the comments. I think Starbucks failed because it was located in the middle of a marketplace where a majority of visitors are teens and not much interested in Starbucks.
    Welcome and I would be happy to clank and tip a glass with you.

  8. my girlfriend lives outside ubon and has no landline telephone,.we want to comunicate online {skype} while im outside of thailand.she speaks fairly good english but not enough to figure out getting good internet service.In the small village where she lives the computer {expert, lol} is not educated with new technologies for internet. we’ve tryd the mobile telephone method and for skype that servise is no good,next they talkd her into a big satilite that got internet but she had to sign a year contract.We do have a UBC satilite and im wondering if we can use this for internet..please help us with any knowlege on the methods for internet in the jungle.remember we dont hav landline telephone service where our house in canada now but im dieing to see her online.i see {from this site} there is a internet shop opend by a foreigner in ubon ratchathani can someone give me his number or email or something,.,.HELP US…please

  9. Fred,
    All the internet service providers and such speak Thai only, its only a problem for non-Thai speakers do deal with them.
    So your girlfriend should have no problem with that. And regarding Internet service out in the Boonies, if here pc or mac
    has usb or infrared she can set up service through her mobile phone, at least through AIS (12call) the company deducts a set amount monthly from the amount in the phone. If no service there this might be the only option

  10. Nannapat says:

    Hello there,

    I am English teacher in Ubon city. I am looking for foreign friends who speak English. I would like to practice English conversation. If any thing u want me to help, please send me email.

    Good day,

  11. Hello.
    Seeking fellow Americans who are in Ubol.

  12. Hello to all,

    I am an American male, (retired army officer/helicopter pilot) now living in Ubon/Warin Chamrap. Interested in knowing more Americans in the area? Also interested in learning more Thai language and willing to assist with English classes.

    Thank you,


  13. Hi Darwin
    My wife and I will be in Ubon R this coming January .Please advise us on transport options to Khong Chiam ( Samphan Bok and the National Park) ,Champasak and Pakse.We have 7 nights. Or is it better to go to Pakse first and make our way down to Ubon R?

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