Ubon Ratchathani Airport Taxi To The Runway

Metered Taxis Make Debut in Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand

It was inevitable. It is progress, though some might consider just the opposite. I have read that Udorn Thani has taxis now and I have seen and ridden in metered taxis in Korat. Before recent days the only places I have observed taxis in Thailand was Bangkok and Samui Island. But now we have them here in Ubon.

It has been confirmed by an unnamed source that metered taxis will be put into service at the Ubon Ratchathani Airport beginning May Day or Labor Day, May 1, 2011. This will be great news for some travellers as I have received many inquiries regarding the availability of taxis to and from the airport.Now you have a new option when it comes to Ubon Ratchathani transportation.

According to the source the new taxi service is the brain child of Ubon Chamber of Commerce who are seeking ways to improve life in their home town. Taxis will add to the cars that are currently available at the two car rental booths and from the hotels who send vans to meet incoming flights. This was all because for whatever reason local tuk tuks were never allowed to wait at the airport when the planes were arriving.

The premier service package is suppose to be active beginning May 1. It is unknown how many there will be but if it is a success I am sure the numbers be increased. It is also unknown if there will be alternative staging areas such as Ubon Main Bus Terminal or Ubon Train Station in Warin. For now can only say for sure they will be at the airport.

This might be good news for some Ubon residents who are currently driving taxis in Bangkok. I don’t know the numbers but it seemed everytime I was in a taxi heading to one of the Bangkok airports when I told them domestic I was always asked, “Where are you going? Chiang Mai? Phuket?” and more often than not when I replied, j”Ubon”,  I would be told, with a big smile, “I am from Ubon”.  So they can find some work they are qualified for closer to home.

I was just informed by UbonLeaks that the initial beta testing for the debut Ubon Ratchathani meter taxi service will be on three vehicles. So if you want to use it in the test period you best double time to the taxi stand or you will be out of luck. However, after the undisclosed test period they plan to have 50 taxis in the fleet. The meter drop will start ticking at 30 Baht and then according to mileage. If you call for pick up there is a 20 Baht service charge.

There is a contact number 089-421-6040, this is the mobile phone of the manager/dispatcher. They are in the process of getting a permanent land line number but for now this is it. Do not count on English being spoken at the other end of the line.

With only 3 cars in the fleet you won’t see many around town. But soon enough they will be a fixture and a common sight.  If you are flying in and out of our fair province  on May 1 you just might be one of the first fares for the new Ubon Ratchathani metered taxi service.




  1. I’m glad to see they’re testing another form of transportation.

  2. Yes, me too. I think the time has come and many people will put the service to use.

  3. Good news…the last time we flew into Ubon, the hotel van wasn’t there to pick us up. So, we had to ask around for someone to take us there.

    Also, it’s nice that you’ve posted again to your blog!

    Regards from Ken C.

  4. Ken, yes it is good news. Will be interesting to watch it develop as a service. Thanks, I enjoy writing but haven’t had much to add to the blog lately.

  5. Having arrived at Ubon bus station many times in the dead of night, I welcome the taxi service to take me the 40kms to Thamuang (on the 2050 towards Trakan).
    I arrived at the bus station 6.30pm from Pakse, but unfortunately the bus to Trakon had finished for the day.
    No problem, we can hire a taxi using the new service. The taxi rank supervisor telephoned her boss who said it was too far to travel in a taxi with a meter!!!!!!
    Excuse me, but I thought that was what taxis do; take people home. Sadly the new service discrimates against those who want to travel on a round trip of 8o kms. In most places I have travelled in, the taxis fight over a fare like this.
    Sorry, the new taxi service, on at least this occasion was bad. No, really BAD.
    For the story of what happens next, follow this link:

  6. That is unfortunate and makes no sense. I understand there are 2 services now. One has a call center and the other is still a personal mobile for dispatch. An acquaintance of mine has called the dispatch and made arrangements for a longer fare It would seem they would want to be on the move and make money rather than wait around for a fare that may or may not come. Nice blog.

  7. It turned out ok in the end and we had a great night out in Ubon. TIT and all that.
    On a more positive note, I have nothing but praise for ‘Car for Rent’. They are cheaper than the other companies, much less hassle and a friendly service. Ask for Jack – he speaks good English and drops off the car and picks up wherever you want. And he was on time!
    081 9666683

  8. the metered taxis are not allowed to pick you up at the airport there are taxis there but charge about 3 or 4 times more than the metered taxis what was 55a baht trip i was told would cost 200baht

  9. Yes, the same with songtaew and tuk tuk. Originally it was reported the metered taxis would be headquartered at the airport but then it changed. I think maybe the negotiations for fees feel through. I have walked out of there before. It is sad that the powers that be don’t allow competition for the benefit of customers but that seems to be the way here for those who own little empires. But in the big picture the cost is still not that much compared with European and North American and some cities in Asia.

  10. is there still usa airport in ubon…….when i was there i heard fighter jets going over my hotel

  11. Darwin says:

    There is only Ubon Ratchathani Airport and Royal Thai Air Force Wing 21. They are co-located. There haven’t been any US forces, aircraft, or other foreign military here since around 1975. If you heard fighter jets buzzing around it is aircraft of the RTAF.

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