Ubon Ratchathani Connects The World Via Twitter

Ubon Ratchathani is part of a big, big world. The world is not getting any smaller, but it is getting more accessible. I can sit here in Ubon and have friends that I can communicate with instantaneously and mostly free.

I don’t know if you know of Twitter. I might be the only person in Ubon who is using Twitter. It is a mini-blogging platform where you can send and receive messages 140 characters at a time. It is something like a chatroom but you pick and choose who you whose messages you read and who follows you to read your messages.

It’s a great way to connect and network. What does that have to do with Ubon? A week or so ago someone named everywheretrip started following me, (I get notified by email). I checked him out and ended up on an interesting blog and an interesting story.

Gary Arndt, an American, one day decided to put all his earthly possesions in storage and head out to travel around the world and document it. Something like “1000 Places To See Before You Die”. Quite an undertaking you must agree. Gary, though, is doing all this on his own. The only cameras following his journey are his own. You won’t see him on Discovery Travel & Living or National Geographic Channel. At least not yet.

Mr Arndt, documents his travels through a lens and also via his blog, Everything-Everywhere. It is really quite interesting with photos and stories from all over the world and being added to daily. Last I checked Gary was next door in Viet Nam, but will be passing through our cherished Thailand soon.

In an effort to increase his readership Gary is sponsoring a contest throughout the month of November. All you have to do is visit his blog and sign up for blog post updates via RSS or email. So hop on over to Everything-Everywhere and join Gary’s contest. No visa required.

Prizes for the contest are souvenirs Gary has picked up on his quest. I have to admit I was a bit envious as I traveled through the blog. It’s possible to see memories as well as dream. Head on over and say hello to Gary, if you can catch him.

That is one way I can connect to the world exploring here in Ubon Ratchathani.


  1. Hi Darwin, I get your blog via RSS, it’s the only way to go. Thanks for showing this guy’s blog – I think it should have some interesting reading. His photo skills are good too. I’m grabbing his RSS feed now. Man I miss Ubon everytime I read yours or Brunty’s posts. I think Jason uses Twitter – or did. I don’t think he twitted much. I stopped – I just don’t have time…

  2. Hey Vern,
    Yes its a great site and a great adventure. Twitter is a great tool but can be annoying and time consuming as well.
    I am working on posting more frequently and updating the website. I have been neglecting as of late.

    Take care and thanks for the comments.


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