Ubon Ratchathani English Books For Adoption

Do you live in Ubon Ratchathani, around Isaan, or on the roads less traveled in Thailand? Do you love to read English language novels but feel like you are searching for El Dorado or King Solomon’s Mine when you go out locally trying to find something to read.

I know exactly how you feel.

I love reading and have as long as I can remember. I recall in elementary school receiving a 4-page book catalog twice a semester. I would eagerly dive in searching for any and all books I was interested in reading.

When the books were chosen I would then strategize on exactly how to convince my parents to contribute the necessary funds to my book charity.  Sometimes it worked other times I was just plain out of luck.

Those times when I happily got to order books I anxiously awaited their arrival. When the big day came at last I would hold onto my treasures as though they were priceless artwork painted by a grand master.

When I got my books home I would handle with care and take some time to give the covers a long hard look. Then, with excitement and anticipation I would open and begin reading the pages. The books might have been simple and far from being literature but they did ignite the imagination and provide hours of enjoyment.

In school,  I also enjoyed reading but not so much math and science. I looked forward to history even though the ending to all the stories was very predictable.

The military is made for reading. The over used phrase, “Hurry up and wait” was not a joke. Many of my comrades and me always kept a book handy for those times we spent waiting for things to move along. A lot of well read people in uniform. Deployments were always good for a novel or two. Besides all the time waiting I soon discovered C-130s, C-141’s, and C-5s did not have in flight movies no matter how long the trip. Reading was a good way to pass the time.

When I came to live in Ubon I found there wasn’t a very good selection of books to read. At first I would make the most of my trips to Bangkok and stock up with two or three new novels on every trip. After a few years I realized I could order books online from Amazon and also Kinokuniya. That is how I kept myself in reading material until Kindle finally  became available here.

I have grown a small library over time. I enjoyed the hours of pleasure the books provided. I experiened many adventures and learned quite a bit from my time in the pages. But as with everything in life there comes a time when all must part ways.

It is now time to find a new home for some books I have read. So I am making them available to whoever wants any. My only request is if you request a book please take the time to read it. When you finish please pass it on to another reader so the book can have a long and fruitful life.

Here is a list of the titles that are available for adoption.

The Great Escape

Paul Brickhill

The Mission Song

John LeCarre


Karin Slaughter

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

J. K. Rowling

The Eiger Sanction


The Ghost Agent

Alex Berenson

The Broker

John Grisham

The Rhinemann Exchange

Robert Ludlum

Rules of Betrayal

Christopher Reich

The Little Drummer Girl

John Le Carre

The Assassin

Stephen Coonts

Lost Symbol (Hardcover)

Dan Brown

If you would like any of these books just send me an email with your name and mailing address and I will send it to you. Please do not post your address in the comments. I  can only mail here in Thailand.

So why not be a hero and adopt one of these English language books today?


  1. An excellent way to spread the joy of reading!

    No wonder you’ve been posting infrequently of late; you’ve been catching up with your reading via your Kindle.

    Regards from Ken C., southern CA

  2. Hello Ken from Southern Cal. Were you affected by Carmaggedon?

    That is what I was hoping to do by sharing my enjoyment. Spending time reading might be one reason for not posting much lately. Enjoying the Kindle but still adjusting to holding it instead of a paperback or hardcover

    Thanks for the comment, Read On!

  3. Sorry for the delayed response…

    Actually, we live in San Diego; however, the local paper is a complete bust, so we do subscribe to the LA Times [there is officially a “San Diego version” of the LA Times, but we are given the “Orange County version” (at least, that’s what the headliner says)].

    Carmaggedon was the Y2K of 2011, LA style. No massive delays nor miles-long gridlock…as I understand it, most affected people just stayed home, or did something that avoided the 405 Freeway. This was what they had been asked to do. Plus, the freeway & construction workers were complete several hours before their deadline.

    Don’t know much about the Kindle, but I did recently download the Kindle application for the PC, so I could buy/view Thelen’s ebook “The Best of Unbrave Girl.” She’s currently in China, but did blog about her adventures in Thailand.

    I could grow to like the Kindle, but have a few complaints…mostly, the books should be cheaper. I’ll probably use Amazon to order Jim Butcher’s “Ghost Story” [unless it’s available at my Costco], BUT the Kindle version is MORE than the hardcover version! What?! That’s just crazy, and I know the arguments about owning it forever, never losing it, & always having it available, the hundreds of thousands of FREE ebooks, etc.

    Oh, well…sorry for Kindle ranting in the comments section. Hope you’re enjoying the heat & rain showers there in Ubon.

    Regards from Ken C., southern California

  4. hans willemsen says:

    I have some ebooks you open them with Mobipocket Reader ( find on internet)
    McNab, Andy – Bravo Two Zero, etc.
    if you send me you email adress i will send them all,
    regards, hans Warin Chamrap

  5. I’m in Ubon for a few more days and am desperate for a good book or to buy a kindle/ereader. Please email me if you have any books still available. Thanks!

  6. They have all been adopted

  7. I usually end up going to T/C BAR he has a generous take on leave one policy on books.
    and I have read quite a few authors I would never have chosen myself haha.

    The other thing I would like to raise on your Ubon website is the lack of Real Estate Agents
    I have been trying to sell a lovely home and can hardly reach anyone to raise awareness.
    Is there a newspaper specific to Ubon I know Pattaya has 3 just for English speakers alone.

  8. hello have 12 books for sale or exchainge .
    can some one tell me address t c bar ubon.
    told they have ex books

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