Ubon Ratchathani Holiday Celebration Suan Loong Daeng

Suan Loong Daeng provided a unique Ubon Ratchathani holiday celebration.
It all began with a simple email. You are invited to a Christmas party at Suan Loong Daeng. The dinner on Christmas eve will consist of lamb, pork, turkey and more. Come enjoy the holiday in a natural setting environment.

I didn’t hesitate to make the decision to go. Trond had invited me before but for whatever reasons I never did make it there. I was soon to discover it had been my loss.

sldbedWe arrived around 1:30pm and were promptly greeted by a member of the staff. After checking the name, I was directed to the most convenient parking area. Within a few moments Trond magically appeared down a path and gave the grand tour.

The room choices are guesthouse or bungalow. We chose a bungalow. The bungalows at Suan Loong Daeng are small but more than adequate. The rooms are clean with a roomy bed, ceiling fan and private bath. It was nice to see such a place in Ubon Ratchathani that compliments the natural surroundings.

slddinnerSince it seemed we were among the first to arrive we did a little exploring. It was like being out in a jungle. I could easily see why it was referred to as a Farm Stay. A visit to the restaurant bar for some liquid refreshment than back to the bungalow for a power nap in preparation for the evenings festivities.

Around 6pm it was back to the restaurant to await the holiday meal and meet the other guests. It turned out to be a truly international gathering, Norwegians, Swedes, Brits, Aussies, Thais and a lone Yank.

slddessertSome interesting conversations commenced and shortly we were called to be seated at the dinner table. The meal began with a special homemade pate, I haven’t eaten much pate in my life but I must say it was delicious. When our host brought out the dinner plate it was like a platter to be shared.

Enjoying the dinner was a process. Most had to eat some, take a break, the eat some more. During the dinner we were serenaded by a local trio. The play list was mostly Thai country songs but it fit the mood quite well. No Christmas carols or Santa Clause but all the guests were still festive and joyous.

sldmusicCold beer, good music, good food, good friends, who could ask for much more. People from several nationalities enjoying life and enjoying the season. No flag flying, politics or religion, just genuine socializing and making the most of the moment.

The staff, who were like family, gladly made doggy bags for those of us who couldn’t finish what was on our plates. The remainder of the evening was filled with pool playing, talking, singing, dancing and having a good time.

slddancingIt was truly a unique Christmas celebration for me. I have spent Christmases in many places throughout the US, Germany, Korea and Thailand. I will remember this one.

In the morning it was nice to awaken to peace and quiet. Coffee and breakfast in the fresh Isaan country air was a good way to start Christmas Day. There was no snow,no tree with presents beneath but Trond, Nok, staff and guests were family and provided gifts in the form of great memories.sldpool

Trond and Nok definitely over delivered. The holiday has passed and if you didn’t attend you missed it but Suan Loong Daeng is still there and you are welcome to visit anytime. If you are in Ubon Ratchathani or just looking for a place to get away you might consider a trip to Nam Yuen to check it out for yourself.


  1. Hello Darwin
    Great to hear and see you enjoyed your Xmas dinner. The farm stay looks great too and that is going to be the next place I take the family when we eventually get back to Ubon.
    Stay well.

  2. Jay,
    Great time, very enjoyable and relaxing. Glad I went, definitely worth a visit if you get the chance.

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