Ubon Ratchathani Indian Restaurant

Ali Restaurant Ubon
One of the good things about living in Thailand is the authentic Thai cuisine. I love Thai food but every now and then I enjoy a bit of variety.

There is a restaurant in Ubon Ratchathani that specializes in Indian cuisine. The name is Ali Restaurant. It is the namesake of the owner, Ali. It has been around for awhile. I first ate there about 5 years ago. It was in a different location then and when I went back it appeared it had closed. Oh contraire, Ali had only moved to a more convenient location. I just recently saw it again.

Ali Indian Restaurant Ubon
If Ali is there when you go, he will come to greet you at your table and talk with you in English.

Ali’s does not have a large menu but it is sufficient. I, for one, am not well acquainted with Indian food so I have to ask for a description of items. You can get masala, tandori, kerai, kabab and of course curry. There is also a selection of Thai dishes available.

Indian Restaurant Ubon I went with chicken kabab and vegetable curry. The pieces of the kabab resembled small burgers. They were savory and came with a dipping sauce that added to their flavor. The consistency of the vegetable curry was somewhere between a paste and a thick gravy. It came with what Ali called bread. The bread, to me, resembled Mexican tortillas.

I enjoyed the meal. It was good, filling and not expensive at all. Is it good Indian food? I don’t know because besides Ali’s shop the only other place I have had Indian food was in Seoul, Korea.

Ali Restaurant Ubon Ratchathani
Recently, I had been watching “No Reservations” on Discovery Channel. Anthony Boudain was in Mumbai sampling the Indian street food. One of the items he tried was mashed potatoes, mixed with herbs and spices, encased in a bread shell and fried. Out of curiosity I asked Ali about it. He informed me it is called samosa and he can make it for me if I want to try it. Why not? It is an interesting snack, good flavor but a bit heavy.

If you are in the mood for a change of pace for lunch or dinner you might want to stop by Ali’s. From Chayangkul Road turn east on UppalisanĀ  Road . Continue east passed the way to the airport and passed Ban Ta Kian Pub you will see it on the right hand side. It is small so keep sharp eye out for it. The address is 149 UppalisanĀ  Road a few hundred meters passed the turn to go to the airport. You can call them at 086-871-5852.


  1. Hey Darwin. great posting lately I am enjoying your blog and you are very adventurous and get off the beaten track a bit.

    I like the restaraunts you try and places you are getting to.

    great stuff mate.

  2. Brunty, appreciate that. In an attempt to let others know about Ubon I am getting to know it better myself. I do enjoy the exploring.

  3. Good information Darwin. Plenty of good eating places in the city but the problem I have is MSG. Does your Indian restaurant put it in? Years ago Thais never put MSG in their food. Now they pour it in. However, the cooks won’t put it in if you request it, but you never know!

    Michael Hare

  4. Michael, Thanks for the comment. I don’t know about the MSG whether or not they use in their food preparation. Everything seemed fresh so I am thinking it’s MSG free but I can’t say for certain.

  5. Hey – awesome post.I wrote somethng about this restaurant over a year ago on one of my other now defunct sites. The food is awesome, the non-bread is heavenly – when it’s available and it’s like the planets need to align before he’ll make it. I think he thinks it’s a pain to make. He needs like an hour of prep-time to make it. Other than that – the place rocks. Stay away from teaching his daughter English for free food as he’ll abuse it (from experience…). There’s little variety in Ubon – the Vietnamese restaurant, this indian one, and the usual suspects like pizza company. Oh – the Italian one is great. I wrote a page about that one – I forget the name already. Been away too long. Ok, anyway – goodstuff. Vern

  6. Vern, Thanks. Always looking to expose places not yet frequented. The Indian food is great and all it’s been about when I am there is the food. No talk of tutoring. I believe I have finished that chapter in my life anyway. There are 2 Italian restaurants now, Risotto and Oliva. Ubon has been growing since you left, Oh My God there’s a Chesters Grill on the way. Thanks for the motivation.

  7. Thailand Travel says:

    Great to see some information about a more out of the way Thai location. I definitely want to make it there sometime, but the wife is hard to convince, she strictly about Bkk, the islands and home to Tak. Suggest any other places and she’s like “why? what’s there?”

  8. Travel Thailand,

    Ubon is a totally different personality then BKK or the Islands. Here you can experience authentic and spicy Isaan cuisine. A romantic weekend on the banks of the Mekong or Mun Rivers. There are many natural wonders to experience in the area around the rivers. Short journeys from Ubon city you can cross over to Laos or Cambodia. Many travel and experience opportunities.

  9. Chester’s Grill? Man, what’s become of that place? LOL. Starbucks there yet? Any air conditioned coffee place – farang owned – there yet? Yep, one thing I miss is the food. I’m in the south most times now and the food is OK, I found some new things – but the som tam is never quite as spicy as isaan. I say, “Pet silop silai” here and it means spicy until I’m in a coma… but while they try, it’s only half as spicy as a good som tam in Ubon by rajabhat with a handful of peppers… man… and very little steamed fish here – covered with salt – I know you’ve had that one… god, I gotta move back up north… I’m very unhappy food wise here. They do have “ROTi” which are great snacks – with banana cooked into them… but som tam and fish is what I’m craving right now…

    Enjoy it while you got it darwin!


  10. Vern,

    Yes a Chesters and a Starbucks both at Nevada. Tony’s across from the air base entrance has a bakery and coffee. I have never seen the owner in there. I think he is British.

    I fully take advantage of the restaurants here. Love Sunday afternoons sitting outdoors enjoying the savory food, the weather and a cold beer.

    Can’t beat the grilled fish or chicken, 911 som tam and sticky rice washed down with an ice cold Chang.

    Things are a changing though. A different place then when I first came here in 1999.

  11. Amit Ghosh says:

    Hey Darwin,
    the food that ur friend ate in Mumbai is called Bread pakoda, and not samosa, as suggested by your friend.

    btw the food that ali made for you was good enough, it was of north indian style

  12. Anonymous says:

    The resto is called Bismilla Ali, as printed on the sign in your photo. According to the sign the specialties are khao mok kai (chicken briyani), martabak (mataba, roti stuffed with meats and vegetables) and roti (friend flatbread). These are mainstream Muslim Thai dishes, heavily influenced by Malay cookery.

  13. Hi, Thanks for the information. I’m craving a tasty Indian curry but have heard that Ali’s restaurant is now near the airport. I can’t seem to find his number anywhere, do you know where the restaurant is exactly? Thanks! Angie

  14. Angie,
    The phone number is actually at the bottom of the post. I called Ali to get his new location which I updated on the post. He is now located at 149 Uppalisan Road near Ban Ta Kian and the Mosque. Enjoy your curry.

  15. Thanks Darwin! That’s great news, looking forward to a curry soon!

  16. Angie. You are welcome. Enjoy.

  17. vikram bharwad says:

    ohhh. my god . i read that ubon have india food because now i live in nikhom kham soi . and i makma miss india food ,but thanks to you so blog u about india food . thanks a lot

  18. Thanks for the comment but this restaurant has closed or at least disappeared. If it is open I have not been able to find it.

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