Ubon Ratchathani Line 3, A leisurely Ride

Ubon Public Transportation Line 3
Sadly to say the experience of conducting research on Line 3 here in Ubon Ratchathani was rather uneventful. This pink colored songtaew also used to be a full-sized public bus but was upgraded in the interest of public safety at the same time as 2 Line.

I caught the songtaew at the entrance door to Tesco Lotus. The southbound route drives through the Lotus parking lot after 10:00 in the morning. Before that they stay on Chayangkun Road. I rode it to it’s southern terminal/starting point on Highway 2178 (Kantaralak Road) across from Ban Go School.

It stops and begins there in Ban Go and heads north to Ban Don Klang on Soi Techno across from Ratchathani University, formerly known only as Techno.

As I said the ride was rather uneventful, yes I like a good adventure, so I spent my time gathering info, watching people, and enjoying the trip. From beginning to end the journey took a bit more than an hour. I got off on Soi Techno to stretch and wait for a songtaew to take me back to Lotus.

Phad Thai on Soi Techno Ubon Ratchathani
It was around 12:30 and my stomach suddenly alerted me to the fact that it hungry and needed some lunch. Phad Thai immediately came to mind so I was off in search of a shop that offered Phad Thai. Being near a school there is an abundance of cheap food shops so I easily found what I was looking for. In no time at all I had consumed my meal and paid my 20 Baht. A small price to pay for a filling, good-tasting lunch. Amazing Thailand.

Line 3 Route South to North:

  • Highway 2178 in Ban Go
  • Through Warin around the market
  • Upparat Road
  • Phrom Rat Road (south to north)/Phrom Thep Road (north to south)
  • Khuan Thani Road
  • Luang Road
  • Phichit Rangsan Road
  • Thepyothi Road
  • Sapphasit Road
  • Upparat Road
  • Chayangkun Road
  • Highway 231
  • Highway 212
  • Soi Techno

Line 3 Highlights South to North:

  • Warin Market/Bus Terminal
  • Samchai Coffee Warin
  • Nakon Chai Air Terminal
  • Ubon Buri Resort (must walk from Upparat Road to resort)
  • Big Market
  • Sri Isan Hotel
  • Main Post Office
  • Wat Tung Sri Muang
  • Risotto Restaurant
  • Sapphasit Apartments
  • Sapphasit Hospital
  • Police Station
  • Sincere Restaurant
  • Intro Pub Indo China Restaurant (Vietnamese)
  • Cozy Restaurant
  • Swing Party House
  • Robinsons
  • Racha Hotel
  • Regent Palace Hotel
  • Pathumrat Hotel
  • Thai Airways
  • Rajabhat
  • Ubon International Hotel
  • Ubon Sports School
  • Tesco Lotus
  • Nong Bua Market
  • Northeastern Polytechnic College
  • Rajavej Hospital
  • Labor Office
  • Big C
  • Makro
  • Bus Terminal
  • Ban Don Klang
  • Ratchathani University


  1. I think this will actually be very helpful when we go to Ubon. Want to go explore this time (mainly because I’m finally too old for my mum to tell me that it’s dangerous and that I will be kidnapped. HAH!)

    Is it wet in Ubon now? Hehehe… I’m not coming until November. Right in time for harvest.

  2. Thamawat, Plenty go explore, go for it. It’s not too wet right now. It seems to rain heavy for a few days and then days of light, short showers or no rain.

  3. Wow, I’ve came across here while searching for transportation in the city. This is helpful indeed. I has been very long time, Scare myself of getting lose in Ubon. I bet the city is no more small (it was 15 years ago , haha) However the SongThaew or whatever you called still there. Is the fare still 5 bath? …

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