Ubon Ratchathani Morrakot Restaurant

Morrakot Restaurant is primary restaurant at Ubon International Hotel (formerly Nevada Grand Hotel) here in Ubon Ratchathani.

Over the eight years I have lived here I have eaten there many times but not much lately. I also have eaten there before I was living in Ubon when I stayed there in 1999 during some military training here in Thailand. It was one of the few Ubon restaurants I had time to eat in then.

In the past the Thai cuisine has always been good there and they have had some great lunch buffets. However it has been a challenge getting any western cuisine that was on the menu.

This post is to tell you that has changed. I was contacted by Tommy, the Food and Beverage manager at Ubon International Hotel. He asked me if I could come by and check out the new menu at the restaurant.

Tommy is Thai but has lived in the US for many years living and working in the restaurant and hotel industry. He is knowledgeable about what western foreigners like. That new attitude he brought is evident in the menu.

I went early before any crowds came. A lovely polite waitress brought menus for me and my wife and the change was immediately evident. An assortment of steaks and seafood, several pasta dishes and even some sandwiches.

I tried the tenderloin and my wife had the round steak. The meals come with fresh salad and bread, with french fried potatoes and vegetables on the dinner plate. My steak was tender and delicious. The sauce was savory with a touch of sweetness. I would have to say it’s the best steak I have eaten here in Ubon Ratchathani.

The meal was extremely satisfying and to my surprise, reasonably priced. The western cuisine ran from 120-450 Baht. I love Thai food and eat it most of the time. But occassionally I get a craving for a steak, a cheeseburger or some other western dishes and in the past the availability has been limited. Well now there is another option in town.

If you get hungry for a good meal and want a change from eating Thai food I would highly recommend you go visit Morrakot Restaurant at Ubon International Hotel. If you do ask for Tommy and tell him hello. After your meal give him some feedback on how you enjoyed it and any suggestions to make things better. Maybe one of the better Ubon restaurants now.

P.S. I also think Tommy wants to visit with English speaking folks to keep in touch with that part of his life. So if you do go tell him Darwin sent you.


  1. Hi Darwin
    Great to hear the the food is back on track at the Nevada. Hope you’re are well. Cheers.

  2. Thank Jay, I am well.

    It looks that way, seems they are trying to put the “international” in Ubon International Hotel.

  3. Hi,

    Where is the hotel located?



  4. Andrew,

    Ubon International Hotel is located on Chayangkul Rd. south of Tesco/Lotus and across from Ubon Ratchathani Rajabhat University. It was formerly Nevada Grand Hotel. If you have seen Starbucks and Black Canyon there are at the entry to Ubon International Hotel.

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