Ubon Ratchathani N-Joy Gets New Flavor

If you ever been to Ubon Ratchathani you might have visited N-Joy Bar and Restaurant on Phalochai Rd, west of the Ubon prison. You might have even met and talked with Louie. It’s a great place where some expats hangout in Ubon.

Sometimes it’s great when things happen right and there was no plan. Today I just had the urge to head over to N-Joy and talk with Louie, and catch up on things. It had been some time since I last visited him.

I immediately noticed a change. Louie’s front lawn had been converted into a dining garden. It looks very nice and cozy. Within a few minutes of arriving Louie told me he needs a break from the commitment and N-Joy is being leased out.

So tonight when N-Joy closes the Aussie flag will be lowered for the last time. Tomorrow morning July 1, 2008 a Union Jack will be hoisted at opening time.

A British expat who has been living in Det Udom will take over operations of N-Joy. His name is Lance and has been around Ubon province for quite some time. I understand he has also be associated with running a pub before.

I don’t think things will change too much. It should still be a good place to go hangout, talk, meet some new friends, enjoy a cold one and satisfy your hunger with some good food. Since the bar is in front of Louie’s house he will probably still be a frequent fixture there.

If you have been to N-Joy head on over and welcome Lance to the Ubon expat community and enjoy all the good things you have come to expect there. If you have never been this is a good time to get acquainted and also welcome Lance to Ubon.

So tomorrow when the good ship N-Joy sails it will be flying a British flag but Mai Pen Rai it will still be Aussie, American, European, Scandinavian and New Zealand friendly. Begin the month of July and get prepped for the Candle Festival at Lance’s, now British flavored (whoops it’s flavoured), N-Joy Bar and Restaurant here in Ubon Ratchathani.


  1. I have been a regular at Louie’s but have also known Lance for a few years and the bar still has most of the old customers plus quite a few more. The bar is still the meeting place for most of the australians living here and farangs are being catered for with western food. Still a great place to drink and catch up with friends.

  2. Thanks for the comment and the input.

  3. N joy bar now run by rattana and noi it is now undoubtedly the best western food in ubon along with very friendly staff Sunday roast as good as you will get anywhere

  4. Thanks for the comment. Could you elaborate about why you consider N Joy to offer the best western food in Ubon. thanks

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