Ubon Ratchathani Restaurant Reviews

Writing restaurant reviews can be fun, exciting, and rewarding. It can also be extremely challenging.

Some restaurants I visit write their own stories. All I have to do is observe the staff, observe the cook or chef, feel the ambiance, and taste the food. The words come and the review flows onto the blog page.  Other restaurants take a lot more work and thought. I have to look for something that makes it unique. Then there are a few that are better off not getting reviewed at all.

It is work going around to restaurants in Ubon Ratchathani. It is work I love and enjoy doing. There are times when a little help is appreciated though. Occasionally, a reader or site visitor will send me some feedback and review comments regarding restaurants they have visited.

Recently, a site visitor who also was an Ubon visitor contributed some content from some restaurants he and his wife sampled. The following is what he had to offer:

1.       EN JOY CAFÉ – for laid back atmosphere, friendly staff and good food /
genuine people /music /clean toilets.

2.       SPAGO Italian Restaurant – Mr. Franco the chef/co owner has focused his attention to create a relaxed and quality establishment (food and wine excellent and prices reasonable). Good luck Franco!

3.       Jumpa Hom – great Thai food and atmosphere among the nova rich of Ubon.

4.       Grand Fathers House – nxt to the airport – great food and very friendly husband and wife hosts (they even ran us down town to an ATM when we needed to get extra cash). Highly recommended.  Thai/Falang food/steaks very good.

5.       Laitong Hotel – can’t go wrong with the buffet at 150Bt, good beer terrace outside to watch the world go by. (was not happy with Lances new place next door – say no more).

6.       Big Cock(Sam Chai Gai Yang) – great food and prices, but it lends its self to an extended group or party rather than a couple or individual in my opinion.

Stay Well

Ruta & Norman

If you see anything you liked that they liked make plans to visit those restaurants in Ubon Ratchathani in the near future.


  1. Ubonpoochai says:

    I noticed you taking the time recently to write restaurant reviews on Trip Advisor. Why not update your very outdated website at the same time?

  2. Thanks for the comment and suggestion.

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