Ubon Ratchathani Sign of the Zodiac

Zodiac Pub Ubon Ratchathani Ubon Ratchathani has a Zodiac sign and it’s not Gemini, like me. It isn’t Taurus, Leo or Virgo either. It’s attached to a wall at Ubon International Hotel and directs visitors to the Ubon nightlife spot known as Zodiac Pub.

There are several Ubon nightlife spots scattered around the city and Zodiac Pub is one of them. It is located on the Ubon International Hotel compound. If you are in front of the hotel facing it, walk to your right, passed The Terrance restaurant, turn left and there it is.

I have been by the pub many times but haven’t done anything more than take a quick casual peek inside before opening time. I finally decided I needed to experience Zodiac for myself. It opens at 19:00 for happy hour but no music. Not wanting to just sit and drink I got some dinner and found something to do for a few hours.

Arrived around 21:30 and walking in found a cozy dimly lit area with around 12 tables filling the space. Maybe there is one table for each sign of the Zodiac. Just a thought. There were no signs on the tables designating it as a certain sign. Not wanting to sit by the door I walked through and was asked if I was looking for “hawng nam” (toilet). “No, I am looking for a table.” I found a nice one by the back wall opposite the entrance with a side view of the band on stage.

The seats at this table were comfortable cushioned seats, which was great. It was Saturday night but seemed a bit slow. Besides me there were maybe 6 other customers. This didn’t affect the band as they continued to play as though it was a packed house.

The band played mostly English songs. I did hear a few songs in Thai but that isn’t their forte. The singing was clear and the music was good, but they did seem to be stuck in the 60’s. Many of the songs I had never heard before. I did mention this to the manager and he said they were working together to correct the matter.

I sat sipping my beer, listening to the music, and taking everything in. It was quite pleasant. The music wasn’t so loud that you would be unable to talk to your friends. So it seems a good place to go and be social. If you want loud music and a crowd The Rock Disco is nearby. The staff seemed a bit leary of me at first, but after a time one came to talk to me. After that they all seemed friendlier.

I stayed until closing time 01:00 at which time they promptly turned on the lights and said thank you and good night. My impression is that it is a good place to relax, socialize, have a few drinks and listen to some good music. If you want to rock out then it’s not the place for you. If you are not staying at Ubon International Hotel or Nevada Inn a good point is there are always tuk-tuks hanging around so it’s not an adventure trying to find a safe way home.

Drop by and make your own judgement. They do accept all Zodiac signs so can go and enjoy no matter which month you was born in. If you do go tell Jar, Nina, Chompoo and Gai Darwin said hello. They are all waiting to serve you at Zodiac Pub in the lower section of Ubon International Hotel.

I was informed that 15-17 August Zodiac Pub and Johnnie, Johnnie Walker that is, are sponsoring an Elvis theme mini-festival. It is schedule on what I believe is the 30th anniversary of his passing. The intent is to honor the man and his music. They plan mostly Elvis songs sang by a live band, Elvis movies on the video, Elvis theme contests with prizes, which include a trip for two to a resort in Laos.

If you like (or love) Elvis or just enjoy a good time this might be worth experiencing.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Darwin,
    I’m going back in Ubon for do some business. I was born in Ubon but now working at Bangkok. I never back to Ubon for long time. Thanks for your suggestion the Zodiac. I hope to try some. I will going back on 26-29 July.



  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi Darwin,
    Good blog!! I’m going back Ubon on 26-29 July that never go back for long time. I was born in Ubon but working at Bangkok now. I should go to Zodiac that you posted it in your blog.

    Thanks and nice to know you,
    Wuddy, wuttinunc@yahoo.com

  3. Wuddy,

    Thanks for the comment. Hope you have a great homecoming.

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