Ubon Ratchathani Sunrise Khong Jiam


The alarm went off at 5A.M.. I quickly rolled out of bed and threw on some shorts and a T-shirt. Out on the deck the night lights were on but the darkness still bathed the landscape in thick blackness.

I wasn’t sure what time the sun was due to come up so I made sure I was ready. Many signs noted that this was the easternmost point in Thailand, thus would be the first to see the sunrise. I had been to Khong Jiam before but only on day trips so this was my first chance to view the sunrise over the Mekong and Mun Rivers.


Still cloaked in darkness at 5:30A.M. and peaceful except for the distant gurgling of a longtail engine. With no light I could have been anywhere. The first dim lumination was apparent at 5:45. Some trees were visible on the opposite shore though the river was still a black hole. Ting, my wife, finally joined me so we could enjoy the sunrise together.

There it was, a red fireball rising out from behind the treeline. The scenic view coming in to focus told me that I was in fact in Khong Jiam on the banks of the Mun River. Morning had come to Thailand. The waters of the Mun River were making their way to join the waters of the mighty Mekong. Local fishermen were making their way to their old and worn flatbottom long boat to begin their daily rituals. Me, I was taking in the scene beside my wife and experiencing that tourist tradition of enjoying the point of the earliest sunrise in Thailand.


This all took place at Pak Mool(pronounced – pak moon) Guesthouse in Khong Jiam district of Ubon Ratchathani province in the Isaan region of Thailand. It is a quiet and peaceful place a stones throw from Laos. I found the short time I stayed there very relaxing. It was hard to find anyplace open early in the morning for coffee and breakfast but it didn’t seem to matter much.

The guesthouse was only 500 Baht per night, which included a room with a bed, air-conditioning, TV and hot water for a shower. Well worth it. No breakfast included and in fact the guesthouse didn’t even appear to have a kitchen. Food can be found close by, but not until a time after PakMunGuesthousethe sun comes up.

A very laid back village. Not a lot of movement, not a lot of noise. I highly recommend visiting there. If you are on vacation it’s a nice place to relax, if you live in Ubon it’s a nice place to get away from the city. A 2 hour drive or ride from Ubon city but maybe a 20 year trip back in time. Take some time and enjoy the sunrise and peacefulness of Khong Jiam.


  1. Hi Darwin
    Great read about the sunrise. I’ve been there with family myself and enjoyed the place especially the rock paintings. Never had chance to catch the sun coming up but maybe next trip. Good to speak with you today also.


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