Ubon Ratchathani Tidbits April 27, 2009

This happen in Ubon from time to time but do not justify an entire post.  Right now this is a remedy to get the word out. I am working on a Twitter feed dedicated to Ubon and will use it for short news events or information.

English language movie at local theaters – It is been quite a while since an English soundtrack movie was offered for viewing here in Ubon Ratchathani. If I recall correctly it has been at least a year.

I enjoy going to a cinema and watching a movie on the big screen from time to time. I happened to check the schedule while passing by Ying Charoen today and was surprised to see a movie showing with its original soundtrack. It is, “Fast and Furious 4” with Vin Diesel and the cast from the first F&F. I have seen previews and it is fast paced with a lot of visual special effects.

It is also showing at Nevada Entertainment Complex which makes sense because the two theaters share movies.

So if you like to catch a flick sometimes, now is your chance.

Restaurant Alert – Normally I try to offer up the best of Ubon that I experience. However sometimes it is necessary to pass on a bad experience.

On the way to Yasothon on Highway 23 I have passed a restaurant several times. I thought I need to stop by sometime and try out their cuisine.  According to the sign and the name it just might be a shrimp lovers paradise.

I finally had a chance to go there for lunch a couple of days ago. The restaurant is Aw. Kung Pao Branch 13. It is 2-3 kilometers from the  ring road, Highway 231, on the left hand side.

There were only a few customers there so we had a choice of tables. There are several semi-private bamboo huts surrounding a small pond and one large dining area.

The menu was full of shrimp dishes and most were reasonably priced. The food was good, not great, but good and servings were a decent portion. So far so good.

When the bill came the first thing we noticed was we were being billed for a dish we didn’t order. Also there was a charge with no explanation with it. When asked about the extra dish, “oh I’m sorry a mistake”, and when asked about the other charge, “oh that is a charge for cooking the food”.

I am happy to say I have seldom experience this in Ubon. I have once or twice and have other places as well. Usually a group of “farangs” and we got charged extra for everything, air, hand wipe, waitress, ice, etc. I learned quickly. I am not sure if this is  a common practise at this establishment or their intent for doing it, but one thing for sure, that was the first and last time this diner will be a customer there.

That’s all for now in Ubon Ratchathani for those living here and visiting.


  1. Darwin,
    About your experience at Aw. Kung Pao # 13…reminded me of the Bangkok restaurant “The Seafood Market & Restaurant” which was off Sukhumvit. A huge place, with a giant neon sign of a lobster. You’d walk up to a long counter of raw seafood, select your dinner while it was still uncooked, then tell your waiter how you wanted it prepared. They’d cook it off to the side in these huge woks, with flames shooting up at least 5 feet or so! It was quite the place back in the 1990s–great for groups. Now, they charged a “cooking fee.” I guess you bought your food in the “market,” and they’d cook & prepare it in the “restaurant.” That doesn’t quite sound like what happened to you at Aw. Kung Pao, though. Appreciate the review. Regards from Ken, San Diego, CA.

  2. Ken,

    I have actually been to that place on Sukhumvit in Bangkok, once. I had a similar experience there.

    We ordered and ate, enjoyed the meal, then when the bill came it was twice as much as I figured.

    They had added cooking fees, ice, wipes and a few other things. When my date asked the waiter about it he replied, “mai pen rai, kao pen farang”. Needless to say I never went back there.

    I have no idea why a shop would feel the need to apply these tactics. Nothing beats out great service and food for building a long lasting profitable restaurant. If someone chooses to do this then I choose never to return. There are too many good restaurants with good service and food.

    Thanks for reading and commenting.

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