Ubon Ratchathani Update

Ubon Ratchathani is a living entity of sorts and as such it is subject to constant change and evolution. The Ubon of yesterday is different than the Ubon of today.

This post is just to let you know a few things that have happened and a few things that are going to happen.

  • Oliva Italian Restaurant has closed it’s doors for good. This is very disappointing. I enjoyed eating there. The place was small but the food was authentic, the service personable and the environment relaxing. I am thinking maybe their out of the way location might have forced them to close.
  • Cozy Restaurant has gone out of business. No more Scandanavian cuisine in town now. This place too might have been a victim of location. They were sandwiched between some other Thai food shops. Also the opening of Nana, Black Canyon and S&P might have had some influence.
  • Nok Air will be suspending service to Ubon Ratchathani July 1-31, 2008. No specific reason was given for this stoppage. However, Nok Air is a subsidiary of Thai Airways International and July is peak tourist month in Ubon because of the Candle Festival. Maybe Daddy closed down the service so Thai Airways can get maximum utilization of its capacity.
  • There will be Candle Festival activities in Ubon July 1-31, but with the main activities schedule around the full moon so 14-20 July.
  • Zodiac Pub at Ubon International Hotel is planning to sponsor an Elvis theme festival to celebrate the life and honor the passing of Elvis Presley. The dates for this event are 16-18 August.

That’s about it for now.


  1. Great update Darwin. Wish I could be there for the candle festival. I’ve never been to Ubon around this time of year and hope we can see the festival some time in the future. Post a few pics if you get the chance.
    ps..Are you dusting down your Elvis costume for one night only.

  2. Jay,

    You should plan it sometime. Got a lot of pics last year but I just found out I have to be in Chiang Mai during the festival.

  3. jay,

    P.S. no costume for moi, Elvis has left this singer

  4. Wanted to provide some info about another restaurant. I saw listed on this site the Sincere restaurant and checked it out. It looked very nice and intimate (4 tables) so I took my girl there for a special occasion. Was somewhat surprised at the prices ( a lot of meat selections at 250-300 Baht with some of the selections at 900-950 Baht!!!!) That’s as expensive as some of the best restaurants in Sydney!

    Anyway, I selected a meat for about 280 Baht. When it came, it had a funny smell and taste. The first word that came to my mind was “preservative”. I thought maybe because the menu listed a lot of steaks from Australia, etc. they had a lot of them being preserved.

    My girl and I shared one bite before I called the waitress over and discussed the problem. She asked if I would like something else instead. I thought “oh good, at least they have top notch service to go with their top prices”. So I decided to get the pork chop instead.

    To my absolute surprise, when the check came I discovered that the “Sincere” restaurant was sincerely more interested in its profit than its customers. They had charged me for 3 meals–including the one that was sent back.

    We got into a discussion about being charged for food that was sent back and then the guy who is the cook/owner? came out and started getting verbally aggressive. He accused me of eating half the meat before sending it back (it was only one bite, which, if anything, is reflective of the portion size more than anything else). Then both he and the woman (who may have been his wife) said that once I cut the meat I could not send it back. I said that’s ridiculous; how can a person know something doesn’t taste right without tasting it??? No answer to that.

    Then I said it was our first and last time we’d be coming there. Then the guy started calling me names, telling me he didn’t like me, that I’m a bad customer, etc. He even followed us out the door to the sidewalk continuing his diatribe yelling to us that we should never come back!

    Obviously, we won’t.

    Jack (ps I did pay the bill)

  5. Where is this sincere restaurant located? Owned by a westerner? What terrible service.

    I only just found this post by searching for it as last night I spent a good period of time trying to find this so called cozy restaurant, which of course now I understand why I couldn’t find it. I ended up eating at nana instead.
    You really need to update the weloveubon site (I am assuming this is yours) as it is still listed there.

  6. MeMock,

    I am not sure of the ownership of Sincere Restaurant as I have never been there but I believe it is Thai owned. It is located on the corner of Sapphasit Rd and Nakhon Ban Rd across from the Police station.

    Thanks for the reminder to update my website. Yes it is mine.

  7. Hi Darwin,

    I walked past it today, looks pretty big, no intention of going inside after that review though!

    Good to hear you will update the website, don’t forget the map idea that I emailed you about a few weeks ago.

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