Ubon Ratchathani Vietnamese Restaurant Golfer House

Golfer House Vietnamese Restaurant

Golfer House Vietnamese Restaurant

If you are driving, riding or walking along the west end of Phichit Rangsan Road in Ubon Ratchathani and feeling hungry you might miss this excellent Vietnamese Restaurant.

From outside appearances it is hard to tell what it is. It might just be another shop of an undetermined nature. You have to know it’s there or be on the sidewalk to see inside is actually a restaurant.

I was taken there so now I know where it is and what it is.  Golfer House Vietnamese restaurant has been open and serving Ubon Ratchathani for quite a while. It is worthy of being in a guide named, “Unseen Ubon”.

It seems to be very popular with office lunch groups. From what I observed you would have to arrive early for lunch or wait until the lunch rush is over. The tables can seat maybe 50 customers at a time so lunchtime tables are at a premium. I imagine many evenings dinner is much the same.

The menu is exclusively Vietnamese cuisine with a large selection. I am Vietnamese dish challenged but fortunately the menu has pictures of most recipes. At times like this I will often just take a chance and chose something for the experience. Will never know if I like it or not until I try it.

The food arrives not long after ordering and everything we ordered was  great. There will be no photographic representation of dishes as the staff forbade taking pictures. I guess they are concerned with a competitor stealing their family success. No matter I went there to enjoy a nice lunch meal and I suceeded in that quest.

All in all it is a good place to get a good meal and good quick service. You might enjoy it whether you have had Vietnamese cuisine before or not. It is worth a visit.

In the past I have had several readers ask if I could provide a map to the establishment I was writing about but it was beyond my skills. Now I have found some software that enables me to do this. Below is a screen shot from Google Earth with an arrow pointing out Golfer House Vietnamese restaurant here in Ubon Ratchathani.

Map to Golfer House ubon Ratchathani
Map to Golfer House ubon Ratchathani

P.S. You gotta love technology and working online. This post is being published from Le Meridien Khao Lak Resort and Spa in Phang-Nga


  1. michael hare says:

    Hi Darwin,

    I have been to Golfers many times but I have a problem with the food. They pile the MSG in. Numbs my lips, and I feel terrible the next day.

    About maps. I expect that you have purchased the excellent 4 page Ubon and Warin Map from the Faculty of Management Sciences at my university. It is in Thai and English. Drawn up By Dr Brendon Whyte, a NZer who used to work there. Very detailed. In fact it would be the best map of any place in all of Thailand.

    If you have not got one and you can’t get out to the university , then you could drop by my house and get one for 200 baht.



  2. Darwin says:


    I have no way of knowing if the restaurants use MSG or not. I guess I am still used to going to restaurants in USA and it states on menu “No MSG used”.

    I have a copy of Brendon’s highly detailed map of Ubon. I admire the work he and his wife put into it. I highly agree about the quality of the map. I would like to drop by sometime and talk with you about your life and experiences in Thailand since you have called it home for 15 years or more.


  3. michael hare says:

    Hi Darwin,

    You are welcome. I lived in Mahasarakham and Khon Kaen from 1974 to 1980 and in Ubon since 1994. I am a permanent resident so no more visa hassles. I am hopeful that my present job with a Mexican Seed Company will keep me going for the next 20 years or so.


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