Ubon Sunee Grand Hotel Interview

Ubon Sunee Grand Hotel Front Desk The Ubon hotels available is constantly changing. The list of accommodations in Ubon Ratchathani is growing larger.

One nearly completed project is Sunee Grand Hotel. It has been a work in progress for nearly two years. Many people who have visited my blog and website have asked me, “When will this new hotel open?” I had to admit I had no idea. People who live here have gone passed the site many times. Visitors arriving by air have seen a poster at the baggage claim area and curiosities have been piqued.

Being that I had no answer I invested in a phone call and an email to request a meeting with management for a short interview. The request was granted and on January 3, 2009 I visited Sunee Grand Hotel.

Sunee Grand Hotel Ubon InterviewI expected to be guided into an office and be offered a chair, facing a desk with a senior member of management behind it. I was pleasantly surprised that it was going to be an informal interview in the lobby area. We took seats on easy chairs on the banks of the symbolic “Mun River” which runs through the lobby separating the restaurant and the reception area.

The informal interview lasted little more than an hour and then transitioned to a guided tour of the facilities. I must say I was quite impressed. Present for the inter view were Mr Sutud Triyangkulsri, Managing Director and Miss Runglawan Poomjun, Front Office Manager. Below is a transcript of that interview, which I hope answers many questions.

Q. When will Sunee Grand Hotel be fully open?

A: We tentatively plan for our grand opening around the middle of March this year. We have a soft opening in place with limited rooms and facilities available until the grand opening. At the present we have 79 rooms ready which guests can book, our lobby lounge and restaurant is open, the convention center is available and City Mall has two floors of shopping. We are fully staffed so good service is here now.

Q: What is your vision for Sunee Grand Hotel?

A: In the past Ubon Ratchathani was a center for government events, meetings, workshops and seminars. In recent years due to many factors this trend has faded. With the opening of Sunee Grand Hotel we hope reverse that trend and make Ubon once again an attractive location for not only government events but also business, family and of course tourists, both Thai and foreign.

With our convention center and business center we can support a variety of functions in both size and diversity. Our largest room can seat up to 5,000 guests or participants. Our rooms are also equipped with state of the art IT support.

Q:These buildings before were a hospital, Index, restaurants and a mansion, why transform into hotel?

A: Originally we constructed a hospital on this site, but due to the economic crises of ’97-’98 it never became fully functional. Only one floor was used and then eventually it was downsized to a clinic. We had some restaurants open on site and also City Mansion for a time. Index leased our building but decided to build one of their own so they left at the end of the lease.

Q: What makes Sunee Grand Hotel different from other hotels?

A: We believe our service will make us stand out and also our convention center, business center and other facilities available for our guests.

Q: What are you doing to attract foreign visitors to Sunee Grand Hotel?A: We believe we have created an affordable luxury accommodation with a family friendly environment.

Q: What services do you offer specifically for foreign guests?

A: For our foreigner guests we offer foreigner currency exchange, convenient shopping, great location with easy access to local transportation, tours, and English speaking management.

Q: Do you have a plan to help foreigners who have an emergency while guest at your hotel?
A: We can provide needed assistance or information if our guests need help with medical attention, visa or passport problems, local or long range transportation needs, embassy contact, emergency travel and connection to police or tourist police.

Q: Why should foreign tourists come to Ubon Ratchathani?

A: Ubon attraction includes natural sites, people, food, culture and experience.

Q: What is the best quality of Sunee Grand Hotel?

A: The service offered and the environment created.

Q:What personal message would you like to give to people who are thinking to visit Ubon Ratchathani?

A: We say “Welcome to Ubon Ratchathani. Please come and experience Ubon and our hotel for yourself”.


  1. michael hare says:

    Hi Darwin,

    It will be interesting to see how the Sunee Tower Hotel is run and managed. I’ll check out the restaurant this weekend.

    I have heard by the grapevine that Mrs Sunnee’s company runs the chicken company (Kaona) very frugally and maybe will do the same with the hotel. I hope not.

    Ive been living in Ubon since 1994 and coming here on work since since 1974. The Pathumrat used to be the only good one but after the owner died, other hotels were able to be built. The Laithing is okay for lunch but the rooms are getting worn. I think the Tohsang Ubon is the best. Very clean rooms, quiet and the food of a good standard. The Ubon Thonburi resort doesn’t have good food. The Ubon International (Nevada) has all the action in and around it but the food lets it down, along with the conplete lack of room maintenance.

    So lets hope Sunee Tower is well managed and maintained.

    I put all my work guests in the Tohsang Ubon.

    Have a good weekend.

    Michael Hare

  2. Michael,
    As always thanks for your comments. I see a lot of potential and will be watching closely.

    If you go to the restaurant in the evening the entertainment begins around 7pm.

  3. michael hare says:

    Hi Darwin,

    I had lunch at the Sunee Tower on Sunday. Only two of us in the whole restaurant. The European food section is limited. We ate Thai-Steamed fish and braised duck. Very good.

    I loved the surrounds with the water sounds and high ceilings. Very, very peaceful. Great service. I will be a reqular customer.

    Watch your steps though. I really had to look down on the floor all the time while walkiong. Many different levels that could cause trouble for some people. One could eaily trip over. Also the tile surface in many areas was very slippery. A little bit of water on some surfaces could become quite dangerous.

    However, if one is careful and does not drink too much, one should walk around safely.

    A great asset to the city.


    Michael Hare

  4. Michael,

    I agree. The restaurant is very nice and the atmosphere definitely helps with digestion. I am anxious to see how things are when everything is up at full operation.

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