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Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand January 23, 2009

During my travels around town I have noticed a few changes here in Ubon.


Felice nightclub at Phatumrat Hotel is no longer open for business.

New openings:

E-ba at Laithong hotel is a new nightclub. It has already been open for a few months. It feaures food, drinks and live bands playing contemporary Thai music.

IND Pub at Phatumrat Hotel a small pub beside the now closed Felice. Live music and a DJ.

Ban Lao just north of Montana Hotel where you will find live music, food and drinks.

Sunee Grand Hotel is open with limited operations. 79 rooms are available for accommodation and the ground floor restaurant in the lobby is well worth a night or afternoon out.

City Mall is open at Sunee Tower complex. Presently clothes shopping is all that’s there. More to come later. The supermarket is schedule to open February 7.


Cowboys and Indians Pub is closed and will be Fuku, a Japanese restaurant.

Zodiac Pub at Ubon International Hotel had closed its doors and reopened with a new name, Friend Bar. The sign says entertainment is provided by a DJ.

Just a few differences I have noticed in our ever changing city.


  1. Hi Darwin
    More closures and openings is never a good sign. Do you think there are signs around the city of a slow down. Hope you are well.

  2. Jay,

    I don’t think it is slowing, but spending habits are changing. I think some of the nightclubs have a behind the scenes reason for closing. I am well hope the same for you and your family.

  3. Isan traveller says:


    I’m going to Thailand this November for about 3 weeks, with my mother. We would like to explore the Isam region. As I’m not too keen on doing all the travelling by bus, I’m looking for alternatives such as moving by boat. Is it possible to go from Ubon Ratchathani to e.g. Sakon Nakhon by river (boat)? Would be great to move from one place to another by (slow) boat and to enjoy the Riverside life and nature… Thanks for the reply! Great blog by the way!

  4. Hello. Thanks for the comment. Unfortunately for you it is not possible to travel from Ubon to Sakon Nakhon by boat due to geography and dams You might be able to travel from Khong Chiam to there but also in November is just the end of monsoon and water levels in Mekhong will be high. Buses are okay it done in short hops and picking the right company.


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