Visit Gaeng Saphue in Ubon Ratchatani

Mun River Phibun Mangsahan
I was first introduced to Phibun Mangsahan district of Ubon Ratchathani 4 months after I came to live here. Phibun is where the Immigration Office is located so most farangs who live here must go there to get visa extentions.

That was also when I first saw Gaeng Saphue on the Mun River. During June to December it looks like a normal flowing river. Then as the rainy season comes to a close and the waters begin receding large rocks peek their heads from the rivers depths as though emerging from hibernation.

Gaeng Sahpue Ubon
During this time the waters of the Mun River sing a song while dancing around the rocks. White clouds of foam appearing celebrating the union of flowing water, exposed rocks, and warm sunshine.

The shallowness creates pools that children can wade and play in safely. Fishermen can be seen near the midway point of the river hoping that big fish will go for their bait.

On the banks you will find a park like area with large towering trees providing ample shade with their branches. Behind the grassy area is a row of restaurants with representatives roaming the grounds alert for hungry visitors. You can order a good meal with them and you are provided a mat to sit on and enjoy picnic style lunch in this very natural setting with your friends or family. This is a very popular activity, especially on weekends February to June.

Pass through the picnic area and you will come upon a park. There is plenty of grass and benches here but not much shade. Mostly you will see people fishing from the bank and couples sitting talking on the benches.

On the banks Mun River Gaeng Saphue
If you are interested in souvenirs or snacks you will find many vendors on the street leading to the picnic area. There is also what appears to be a Chinese temple there that you can visit.

It’s a nice place to go anytime, especially for lunch. You can enjoy being out in nature with a great view while eating. There are covered restaurants so no need to be concerned about going during the rainy season. I always make it a point to go there when I have occasion to travel to Phibun Mangsahan.

To get there travel down Highway 217 out of Ubon City. When you arrive in Phibun turn left at the junction with Highway 2222. Just before you get to the bridge turn right and in less than 1km you will be there. If you take a bus from Warin or Ubon you must take a tuk tuk or motorcycle taxi to Gaeng Saphue. Or if it’s a nice day and you feel like a walk it’s not too far.


  1. highlander says:

    great place to take the kids, the more the merrier, think they call it phibun’s pattaya as its like being by the seaside, great value for eating, you can even hire a boat for an hour or so to go downriver

  2. Highland, glad you have experienced and enjoyed Gaeng Saphue. There is also a place called Pattaya Noi east of Phibun.


  1. […] Gaeng Saphue – East of Ubon city around 45 Kilometers. There is a park on Mun River.  It is a great place for an afternoon picnic. Vendors will be hawking food which you can order and then relax on a provided mat and enjoy your lunch. After the monsoon waters have receded cataracts are revealed and make for some fun either watching or playing. […]

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