What’s Happening In Ubon Ratchathani?

A couple of things to pass on to everyone about some things going on in Ubon. One is a change, the other is an event.

First, the change. Since I first came to Ubon Ratchathani in 1999 Nevada Grand Hotel has been a mainstay here. It was the hotel I stayed at for a few weeks when I was here for a training event with the Royal Thai Army and Royal Thai Airforce. It was the first place I tried to eat som tam so spicy I had to stop due to the fire in my mouth and my sweating would not put it out. I saw my first English language soundtrack movie there in 1999, “The Thin Red Line.”

When I came back to Ubon to live in 2000 I stayed at Nevada Grand Hotel for about a week while looking for an apartment. I used to take my English For Hotel students from Rajabhat there so they could see actual hotel operations. So you see not only does Nevada Grand Hotel have a history in Ubon but I too have a history with Nevada Grand.

Today there is a change. From this point forward the hotel formerly known as Nevada Grand Hotel will be named Ubon International Hotel. I don’t have the details as to why this is happened but it is done. Maybe they were sometimes confused with MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Ubon International Hotel is more search engine friendly and brands them a certain way.

So no more Nevada Grand Hotel, hello Ubon International Hotel. Maybe with the new identity they will offer more English language movies to support that international theme.

Now for the event that will take place in Ubon 31 August until 9 September. Ubon Ratchathani is hosting an international event. The Thai-Indochina Festival is being held here. The location will be at Na Sala Klang, that is in from of the Ubon Ratchathani Provincial Office. The focus of this cultural happening will be local foods. From what I understand the countries that will be participating are Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and one other.

So if you want to sample some cuisine from our neighboring countries head on down to the Provincial Office starting this Friday August 31 and take your taste buds on a Southeast Asian tour.

So that’s it for now. An established Ubon hotel with a new name, Ubon International Hotel and a sharing of surrounding cultures.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Do they still have English language sound tracks in Ubon? The last time I was there I was looking for one at the SK Mall but they didn’t have any. I am hoping to see a movie there when I come in January.

    What’s playing now in English?


  2. Mike, Thanks for the comment and question. They sometimes have English language films. At the moment there are none at Major Cineplex (SK) or Nevada Entertainment complex. The last movies here in English were the last Harry Potter movie and Die Hard 4.0.

    There is no schedule for English language movies, it seems to be random.

  3. I’m afraid I think that the Nevada Grand is hopeless – dirty, smelly, flies and poor management. I know the family that run it. They are rice millers not hotel managers. One travel book “Lonely Planet’ said it is steadily going on the road to ruin. I agree. The whole Nevada comples is a disgrace to the city. The best hotel in town is the Tohsaeng. Clean and quiet. Laithong has good food but the rooms are not clean. Ubon Buri Resort has terrible food-also not clean.
    These are my ideas but after 14 years of living in Ubon I think Ubon is in need of more decent clean 3 star hotels. I rate The Ratchathani as a good 2 star hotel. I first stayed there in 1974 and the good standard has never slipped.

    Michael Hare

  4. Anonymous says:

    I’ve had mixed stays at the Nevada since 2001. The rooms are ok but the place is in desperate need of some renovations. Still miles better than the ghastly Pathurat hotel nearby with its overpriced rooms and mafiaoso hanging around in the corridors.

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